OVRLND Camper - crolison’s build

So I initially reached out to Jay of Ovrlnd Campers in April of last year and put down a deposit for a camper for a 5’ bed Tacoma. I’ve started a build thread on Tacomaworld, but figured I’d start one hear to get more input / ideas on mods too.

Here are the initial construction.

E07387AC-E176-4587-B8A3-5052AEA286E0.jpeg C2F6949B-9469-461F-9186-8AD60F67B77D.jpeg 923F6F1E-631E-4977-A8E8-2D598F2EEA63.jpeg BEF1DC33-75A4-4C15-9BF5-F78D030B9A61.jpeg 445EEFAD-B8A3-485F-93B7-4B37103376D2.jpeg E513CBCC-D467-4772-B130-493F47066C01.jpeg
More interior mods, insulating the bottom portion and roof with 1” thermasheath, also added some usb lighting for the lower half of the camper and a blue sea volt meter

2DD630C2-F643-48EC-B4E1-8C01946674C6.jpeg 1627CEF5-5877-442C-894D-1C7B352D2171.jpeg 4A2ED0D8-063F-4C7A-85E4-398AC520A480.jpeg EE476A79-D061-425D-9478-39C6068584FE.jpeg
Worked on the interior, covering the insulation with abs plastic sheets for protection/looks. On the upper portion of the camper I added adhesive velcro to the top of the lower portion of the camper to cover the insulation.

9EFA1E54-AA80-470C-B35A-3F05B46EC082.jpeg 290639BD-A6A5-4386-9B23-B858A12B7011.jpeg 7056734F-E5C8-4877-8C01-11601115A53F.jpeg 9BF58D7D-C6A8-4232-ADF7-DDC3DE6BC90B.jpeg 9B86C687-E9D5-4234-BE48-66AE5F7D869A.jpeg 48A585D7-BDE5-48A6-A3F3-124D7BA39EC1.jpeg 73073411-F01F-4A5A-92A7-9A94D5D6136B.jpeg 7FD7A277-F925-43AE-89CC-47B0F653C9A7.jpeg
The side opening doors originally just folded flat, this was pretty high for me but doable. My wife though, she needed something lower so i took some inspiration from alu cab’s fold down side tables and made these out of 10 series extruded aluminum, and 1/4 hdpe sheets I had laying around. They work perfectly with my camp chef stove and I also added some attachments for he front runner cutlery set I got for Christmas.

C267EB90-61FB-4837-999B-2CC172DEB939.jpeg 444CD374-7184-4ADC-8EE7-16433E8DB44C.jpeg 093C7198-BC90-440E-9366-E684C16986E8.jpeg 9D6C964B-C0EC-446C-A0F5-D79E41293BD1.jpeg 6D5F7C17-904B-4638-90AF-BC598C379C7B.jpeg 68745A4D-AAF4-4DBC-AF31-9D377D7B0EEE.jpeg DDF67292-34CD-4490-922C-E3166ED2CC89.jpeg B3339D20-9C99-4537-8F79-935CCCA4DDE7.jpeg AFF52C16-CA3D-4565-8D5C-FA50886AA6D5.jpeg AB78CA9D-B09D-4198-A242-A5C4CD23BC17.jpeg
I feel like I have a million small projects going at once. So I’ve also started the interior build. This will be out of 80/20 and other misc materials, basically a goose gear inspired build. One project I have completed is some front runner outfitters wolf pack brackets for the roof rack.

C8C6392B-C769-4656-B0BD-DEBD7407FDE0.jpeg 18D2A8D6-4E41-4134-A38E-54F8890526FF.jpeg 29F092F9-86CD-44E9-A9A0-4F132584B20A.jpeg 69D103CA-EA5C-4909-9771-8AEE38813094.jpeg 9F52E34E-68AF-4845-AD9F-546796A828AB.jpeg F42D3F5A-2781-476A-AAB1-4BED5F5CFC4E.jpeg 68D708EB-3B7A-48D5-9A31-57FDAC571BC7.jpeg
Between yesterday and today, I’ve mounted up some exterior lift struts to help with opening the top. The front was a proof of concept, and worked out pretty well. I am going to have to make custom rear mounts but that shouldn’t take long at all. I also found a place for my blue ridge overland gear bags. I was really wondering where to put them. I ordered 4” tall bags over Black Friday, I think one more 6” bag will fill up the panel nicely. I think I’m going to put electrical accessories / cables / headlamps / extra batteries in these.

D88AF51F-9AC5-435D-88BD-8A1A3843A78B.jpeg C5ACC5EC-63C5-4A07-8F9B-A5613AB91981.jpeg 58BE7C69-E28F-43ED-8039-1FD638F65C7A.jpeg 789C3960-399A-43C5-B459-CE53D1DD6893.jpeg 0187EB8B-869B-4E47-BC12-59005A5FEAA4.jpeg 015AAC94-E839-4381-B93D-63101A8FA9EB.jpeg