OVRLND Camper - crolison’s build

Due to going with the propane heater I opted to use my 10lb propane tank vs the 5lb’r

I changed mounts today, and fabricated a regulator mount and have the propane line routed to the inside of the camper with an on/off valve
05C0F9A6-5AA1-45DA-9C77-27C6258AE395.jpeg E697FBD2-FC3E-4C62-AA86-303DE1E24E89.jpeg C69B0E85-CAFE-4865-B982-C61FEC14CEF7.jpeg
Looks good, but please swap that valve out for the correct flammable gas valve.

Handle should be yellow.... blue is for non-flammable.
I have the right valve ordered along with some other fittings to finish the gas line and get the second hose custom length crimped.
Worked a little more today on the propex heater. Got to run it for the first time too. Electrical, propane, exhaust, intake, and propane alarm are all done. Also added a little insulation before I finished the mounting .

Just need to do venting and CO alarm.

DCF0DFF1-357A-4018-B13A-CC80B35B25F2.jpeg 59F347D7-432F-4B71-AD0D-12A2DBC4A8F9.jpeg
Worked on the heater some more today. Made some vent brackets for the upstairs vent, and made a temporary heater inlet with some scrap I had laying around.

Now I can start working on the fridge slide and getting that perfect and nicely tucked in.

77360503-1E53-4620-B2E0-F1E4FA2786CB.jpeg 97429AC7-4CF2-4771-9021-44E61ED9F583.jpeg 1D082531-F156-4D8F-A5BC-1D776D6DDDFB.jpeg 250B6CF2-FF13-434D-89A6-3A97CEE4E900.jpeg