Ovrlnd/FWC Worth it?


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My question is: Where are the dogs going to sleep at night? In the back seat or in the truck bed?

In the tent! In our king-size tent we have plenty of room for two adults, our kid, and our two dogs.

Our older Shepherd need help now (She's nearly 14 years old), but that's only been on our most recent trip. Before that thought the dogs get up into our RTT with minimal help and fuss. We've added some non-slip tape to our hood (basically sandpaper racing stripes :D) to support their grip, and they just hop up on the hood and to the roof and into the tent. The video below shows our dog with our old rig; the new rig is set up the exact same way. Video is cued to the part that matters, don't feel you need to watch the whole thing.



So you prefer the Tundra over the F250 with the camper on it?
No. We prefer the Tundra's ride and turning radius. With the camper it's the F250. It's designed to carry the weight from the factory. The Tundra never felt unsafe but the F250 feels more planted.

I don't know if it was mention but we get a lot more pinstripes with the full size. Our Tundra was Nautical Blue and showed all the pinstripes.


I think i have chimed in on other similar threads. but IMHO, go full size! I had a tacoma 4 door long bed with a gfc and switched to a 4 door long bed f150 with an ovrlnd and am super happy with the change. I really feel like there is little to regret unless you do really technical trails. i don't so take my opinion with a grain of salt. i do however drive some pretty torn up roads to a few climbing destinations. I drive slower in my F150 than i did in my tacoma since the taco just has a feeling of invincibility that the f150 lacks but i'm ok with that. I do have a lot of pin stripes on my truck, but i didn't buy a truck to look pretty. We shall see how long the f150 holds up as i don't feel it will last as long as the toyota but overall the benefits of increased space and payload are well worth it. i too travel with 2 50-60 lb dogs and my girlfriend most of the time. We fold the seats up and they have almost the whole back with 2 beds (which is a ridiculously huge space) and they travel and sleep there. still leaves some room to pack a few bags up front next to the beds. also the seats are WAY more comfy for us humans as well in the F150. overall happy with my setup, no setup works perfectly for everyone, there are always sacrifices, but if you are on the fence and can stand a big turning radius and some pin striping... go bigger


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Sounds like you are out growing the half ton thing.... Tacoma, Tundra, F150 are great trucks but I think you are closing on the 3/4 ton truck caoacity need.

As a commuter, DD, ocasional camper with few bits and pieces the light pickup is great. If you need more and decide on a trailer, an F150 can rule for years. Towing capacity of a trailer with trailer brakes is where the F150 shines. But payload without a trailer kills the half ton. You want a straight truck to haul it all.... you need the 250/350 truck. It is incredible how little the half ton payload is after you add 2 people, 2 dogs and some food.

Once you compare the 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton price payload it is amazing how affordable the 3/4 ton is.
Add solid axles, Ford or Dodge.... and that durability factor kills the half ton.

ps, pinstripes are the sign of a life well lived. My skinny TJR is full of them.... If it matters they buff out in a day.


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Go full size. Take a look at the 2020+ Titan. I got an optioned out (Rear locker, 33s, leather, sweet stereo etc.) Pro-4x 2020 with 9k miles and 50 months of remaining bumper to bumper warranty for thousands less than a SR5 Tundra with 40-50k miles and a couple years older. I got rid of a GX460 with a teardrop and have an ovrland on order. I got 4mpg better towing the teardrop with the Titan than I did in the GX which also required premium.

1/2 ton is plenty for an ovrland camper.

The only midsize advantage is they are slightly more nimble on trails. However the vast majority of forest/BLM roads are navigated by stock domestic full size trucks without issue and actually have some benefit in overall ride.


Hi Everyone,

I placed an order for an Ovrlnd about 2 months ago and I have about 5 months left until I pick it up. I've been going back and forth (actually constantly obsessing) about whether it's worth it to get it on my 5 foot bed mid size truck (Tacoma) or upgrade to a full size (hope for a 22' tundra).
I have noticed that often when someone has identified a desired upgrade they regret it later if not fulfilled. Partly personal experience too. You have identified added value in some aspects of a full size and you will never put that genie back in the bottle. Then again if you can make a legger of pros vs cons maybe that will help in not regretting your ultimate decision. Good luck.

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