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Many of you may be familiar with the book "The First Overland" written by Tim Slessor detailing the journey of 6 Oxford and Cambridge college students from London to Singapore in 1955. If you have not been following Land Rover news lately, you might have missed that the original Oxford 1955 Land Rover Series I was found in 2017 and has been put back on the road .... not just the road but back on the overland road.

In 2019, Oxford completed a reverse journey from Singapore back to London and its journey was featured on a website "The Last Overland". In 2020, Oxford has moved on to tackle the North American continent in an adventure we are calling Oxford In America. The whole adventure is being sponsored by the Rover Owners Association of Virginia (ROAV) and news and details about where the truck will be are posted on their website (www.roav.org).

It goes without saying, but COVID happened and really negatively impacted the expedition publicity tour and fund raising efforts. We are only a few weeks away from starting our journey from "Sea to Shining Sea" and could really use a boost. Take a look at our website and join in the discussion on our Facebook group. We also have a few videos posted on YouTube ( or search for our channel "Oxford In America") If you want to help out, go over to GoFundMe (https://gf.me/u/ynny3a ) and lend us hand.

If you are close by on our route, we would love to have a few folks convoy along with us for a few hours or visit us at one of our stops (Las Vegas, Moab, Memphis, Asheville).



The yellow trail indicates it's going to scrape along the bottom of kansas, along the KS/OK boarder. Is this correct? I'm in Kansas and less than 30 miles from the OK boarder.


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Any idea if either the Boise OK or Lake Fort Smith AR stops are a go? Both stops are about a 5 hour drive for me and I'd hate to drive that far only to find out they aren't happening. Are there any pit stops scheduled that are closer to the Belle Plaine Kansas area? I'm about 30 miles north the the KS/OK boarder.



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Looks like a brief Colorado stop in the beautiful Ouray area. Good choice. Although an event stop in the Denver area would have been quite the event! Be safe.

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