P38 Swingout and rear diff guard


Completed some recent modifications on my P38 Range Rover. A few months ago, a buddy and I bought an overheated P38 with the full RockRover bumper/slider package. My buddy installed the front bumper and winch and I took the rear bumper. He then made a custom swing-out for my 33 inch spare very similar to the RockRover arm. I want to add some jerry can holders behind the wheel but for now, it is installed and works great. I thought it would be a simple bolt-on from the other P38, but the bumper itself was warped and new mounting holes had to drilled. The dang bumper was up and down at least 6 times to get it to fit right. Oh the joys of custom work...

I bought the RuffStuff Specialties spare tire spindle along with a few clevises(?) and modified their jeep plate mount. It is a very stout spindle.



I also installed a TerraFirma rear differential cover from Lucky8. Rear diff covers were practically non-existent in the states until Lucky8 started supplying them. Thanks Justin. The previous diff cover I had was destroyed in Death Valley last year. This one looks more robust and hopefully is up to the beatings it will get.

You can also see my new exhaust system with a single exit. The 4.6 P38s came with a muffler which is tucked underneath the middle of the car and then exits through two silencer boxes at the rear. Two look cool, but hang low and get scraped often with serious offroading. My muffler was rattling, so I went to No Limit Muffler and Fabrication in Roseville, Ca and Josh, the owner, welded up a new magnaflow muffler and custom bent a single exit that is tucked up underneath the bumper. It has a more throaty exhaust tone now and the I won't be dragging those silencers on rocks anymore. He did a great job for a very reasonable price. I am talking to him about making a gas tank skid plate to further protect underneath.


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