Panorama Point and Pawnee Buttes


Expedition Leader
Took a quick day trip to the highest point in Nebraska - Panorama Point and for a quick 4 mile hike (roughly) out along the Pawnee Butte trail south of the Nebraska border in Colorado. After not having the too much in the way of back-road exploration the past two months this was a much needed trip.

Near the Colorado/Nebraska border.

Just right after the bison ranch you come across this sign on the left hand side of the road. I missed it the first time.

Bison herd.

Random abandon house that I went back to.

After having my fill of getting blown around by the wind, I headed down to the Pawnee Butte trail head to get blown around some more by the wind.

The Buttes

Looking back at the trail as I headed towards the first butte, a wind farm is off to right which kind of ruins the views out here.

First butte.

2nd butte.

Looking back at the first butte.

Looking at the front range as I was heading back home.

The adventure vehicle for the day. My 2nd Subaru Outback which will be mainly used for tool around town and for lite trail work, since my Tacoma has the majority of the duties.

Panorama Point in my opinion isn't necessarily worth the drive by itself. Ting the trip in with the hike around Pawnee Buttes and checking out the old abandoned house made it more of a worth while trip.


Expedition Leader
I think it's cool out there and when we still lived in Ft. Collins we'd head east as much as north or west just to avoid other fun hogs.