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Let me know when you get to montana, I'll show ya around if you want

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How long are ya in the Denver area for? My brother Kyle (Keylay on here) told me about your trip, Im out in the downtown area if you care to grab a beer and talk travels as i did a 14k mile trip a couple years ago.


So I made it to Denver and stayed out in Louisville for a few days. Saw a couple of cool sights on the way into town.

While I was there I went to Estes Park for a day and checked out The Stanley Hotel (Stephen King's inspiration for The Shining). It was a super nice place, my god! The bar was huge and had everything. Enjoyed some good company for a few drinks then headed to the local brewery for a bit.

Stayed in Denver a night and went to Keystone for the day. First session of the season. Finally, the moment I've been working for. It was so much fun! I took it a bit easy to shake off the cobwebs, but still had a blast. Tigua's first time seeing real snow.

I had to keep going into Denver for stuff and each time I did, I resented it more and more. It's just too congested for my taste. So after spending one last night there to talk to an Espar rep about my heater, I headed back to the outskirts to Golden.



Went out to Red Rock for a bit. I missed the perfect lighting by like 15 minutes! I shouldn't have stopped for gas.

The amphitheater was awesome! I really wanted to get some drone shots but it was like 70 mph winds. When Tigua and I were walking back to the van we were actually getting pushed back by it. A bit ridiculous to drive in with a 10' high van. This Florida boy doesn't really enjoy dropoff cliffs. I would love to see a concert here.

After that I shot out to Dillon to get away from the city and closer to the mountains.

The city of Dillon was pretty cool. I like small little snowboard towns. I headed out to Vail on Thursday. Wasn't crowded at all, but the US Open was there that weekend. It was pretty cool to see these guys hit the huge jumps in person. Some of those jumps are ************* massive. The snow was good. No ice patches and a little mash potato.

This guy in the parking lot had a sick rowing machine on the top of his van. Killer idea for some exercise.



So after Vail I headed out to Steamboat Springs to see a good friend from Antigua. You have to love the Caribbean hospitality.

Spent the night walking around town. It's basically one street and lined with stuff. It's quite awesome. I'm really digging this town. I'm really starting to get an idea of the type of places I like to live getting to see such a vast difference between each place I go. Yesterday we went snowshoeing up in the hills. Tigua's first time being in deep snow. He was hilarious, running around everywhere, eating it, chasing it. He did really good, didn't stray far at all and stayed in the trail about 10 feet in front of us. He was so tired after, slept ALL day ha. It was my first time snowshoeing. I really like exploring the back country like that. I'd have to have a snow mobile if I lived here though. That opens up a whole other world.

So I'll be in Steamboat Springs until Monday, then I'm heading to Salt Lake City. We're going to the hot springs tonight and having elk for dinner.


Well, too bad I just came across this. Live outside of Dillon, ski pass for Keystone and A-Basin and snowshoe right outside my back door with a view to the Continental Divide. If you drop back down to I-70 you can drive through the awesome Glenwood Canyon and get a free dip at the South Canyon hot spring, exit 111?


nice thanks. gonna be heading back towards pueblo in a couple weeks to pick the dirtbike back up and head to moab. I'll check it out. thanks.


Update #5 Northern Utah

So I met a fellow vanner on main street Steamboat Springs. Shot the **** for a bit.

It was really nice waking up to this every morning. The hospitality of the people along this trip has been unbelievable.

I was kind of anxious to get to SLC to board, but it just kept on dumping. If I've learned anything from surfing, it's ride it while it's there.

So I eventually made my way out to Salt Lake City....

I pick my friends up from Antigua at the airport at night and make our way to Park City. The next morning we wake up to snow falling, which is always an awesome sight to wake up to. We heading up to PC to get our first runs of Utah in.

Spring time on the mountain is amazing. A couple days we rode in just t-shirts. It was awesome!

They brought me a gift too. Tigua loved it.



We made our way into town each night and proceeded to make a name for ourselves. It was just wake up, board, drink, sleep... One of the sickest stops while they were here was to High West which is a distillery and restaurant. We got there right when the upper bar opened and then they offered us the private lounge area for lunch. Killer time, awesome staff, great whiskey.

Saw a Banksy and a license plate map that was at no name saloon.

Once they left I had an old college friend, the one that I stayed with in OKC, come out to board a bit. We splurged and got an AirBnB in Cottonwood Heights. The place was perfect!

The view out the window

From the driveway...

They had a map for the guest to pin their hometown, I used it to kind of plot my next course.

We mostly took video of us riding, all of the pics are of us going to and from the mountains. This is the day we went to Powder Mountain. Oh boy did it live up to it's name. We were like the 2nd group of people to get into powder country when it opened. Perfect timing. Unbelievable how much fun that backcountry is. On the way home we managed to find a sign for a beach. Of course we had to check it out.

The drive home had some amazing views. My cellphone doesn't do it any justice. Maybe one day I'll get a real camera.