Parts and Accessories Sources: G-Class


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That is my 18yr old son's fav rig...and when he saw Quiet for a Tuesday and that the "honorable Mr Tom Shepard" drives one well that way just icing on the cake.

I agree that they are way cool...
Oh and Scott is there any reason you are gathering this info...any future need? :088:


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I am beginning to assemble resources for the G:

EuroTruck- Purchased all of Europa's service stock

Four-by-four Club-

Safari Gard (Sliders)

G-Wagen Accessories

Other Solid Resources:

Harald Pietschmann's site: A long-time G driver
Thank Scott,

for mentioning my company

Please go and check it out. Most of the products are designed and built by

me, not mass produced but individual built here in Southern California.

Like our Rockmeister rock slider

- see at

and pictured here on Harald Pietschmann's G-500

Karl Volger