Partsflyin's Mild 03 Frontier Build

Made it back home late last night. I can't begin to share how much fun the trip was and how proud I am of my Frontier.

We left VA on Friday 6-26, didn't get on the road until about 1:30. Got in about 7 hours that evening before stopping in Lexington , KY for the night.

Got a good start Saturday morning and made it to Salina, KS that night. Got up pretty early on Sunday to get rolling, short road day to Denver this day.

Saw some cool windmills in western Kansas on Sunday morning.

Stopped for the photo op going into CO on 70.

My sister and brother and law were picking up their neice at the airport in Denver. We got a site at Cherry Creek State park for the night.
Nice campground. Pretty noisy due to proximity to the city and boats on the lake.
Headed out for Moab on Monday morning. Colorado mountains are beautiful !! Heading out of Denver into the Rockies was the toughest climb for the 3.3, I must say it's a darn good thing I got the axle swap done. The 4.90 gears were a tremendous help. (througout the whole trip !! use of cruise control and or the A/C would have been impossible w/o the lower cogs)
I am not familiar with altitude change but I felt the high altitude's of the Rockies robbed a bit of power.

My southeastern root's make it hard to comprehend snow in June/July...

Headed down out of the Rockies.

Made it to Utah Monday afternoon. (the GF was ecstatic when I asked her to snap a pic on the side of the interstate at 108 degrees..)

Camped at Devils Garden campground in Arches National Park.

Nice campground.
Went into Moab on Tuesday morning. Decided i would cruise out Sand Flats road to have a look at things.

Gave Baby Lions Back a whirl.

As an eastcoaster the level of traction this rock gives is amazing to me.... I've read about it over and over but when you get a true feel for it , it will make you speechless.


Expedition Leader
How come you didn't go down to the other side of Baby Lion's back (through the water)? Definitely do Fins-and-things, it's right there and a lot of fun...unless you're up for Hell's Revenge :)
How come you didn't go down to the other side of Baby Lion's back (through the water)? Definitely do Fins-and-things, it's right there and a lot of fun...unless you're up for Hell's Revenge :)
Funny that you ask, I had promised the GF no wheeling until my cousin showed up. I got to Baby Lion's Back and my excitment was near uncontrolable . She gets nervous when we wheel, so she agreed to snap a few pics. I made the climb and was unsure where the trail went if you kept going so I eased back down.

Headed out from Baby Lions back to find the entrance to "Top of the world trail" . Had only planned to scout out the entrance and come back the next day, but once we got there I could not make myself turn around.

The way I understand it this trail has increased in difficulty signifigantly over the last few years. It really put my truck through its paces , Charles Wells' Moab trail guide list this trail as "moderate" . Definatley no longer the case. The GF got pretty stressed out as I plugged my way to the top and didn't get many pictures at all.

Absolutely incredible view from the top.


What an awesome trail !! I had a fantastic time running this trail. The GF actually settled in and enjoyed this one. I highly recommend running this trail !

After the trail run , we cooled down at the Moab Brewery. Great food , great beer !

Woke up at sunrise to pack up and leave Arches, to make our way over to Zion.

My "I don't mind being stuck in traffic as long as I'm in a beautiful national park" face

OK , guys I'm looking for feed back here . I'm considering selling this truck . Due to my muscular dystrophy continuing to have its effects , it has become increasingly difficult for to use and enjoy this truck for what i built it for.

Any ideas on what I could get for this truck ? I don't HAVE to sell it, my son would love for me to pass it on to him but he doesn't really have the "off-road bug". He'd be just as well off in something far less capable.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks !
Great build! I have an 2002 frontier 2 door. Question: where did you purchase your TJM bullbar? I seriously want to put one on my rig but am having problems finding them! Even through any advice would help. Heck, I'd be willing to purchase your bull bar on its own!