Pathaway for iPhone & iPad

I wonder why nobody ever mentions Pathaway for the iPhone & iPad.
For me the best navigation app out there. Yes, it is not exactly cheap, but absolutely worth it. I used it for years on the Palm and absolutely loved it. Since the Express version for iPhone/Pad is out I bit the bullet and bought it ($25), and again absolutely love it.
I handles your own Bitmaps as well as downloads online maps. It works with TTQV, Ozi and Fugawi. It cashes the maps it downloads, so you don't need to download them again. I have for example all the Hema Great Dessert Tracks (= Australia) on my iPhone, and quite a view other Bitmaps (Topos) of my local area.
Since I have Pathaway I not once used motion X, Gaja or Bitmap.
Got all of that in the one app.
Clear thumps up from me...
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So how is Pathway for pre-trip planning: Creating and saving a highlighted route/trip? Is it easy to drop in notes along the route/waypoints while naving? I have to check it out as I've lately resigned myself to my iPad not suiting my needs as it relates to a true overland nav capable system. The other issue that I hasn't been solved with these OS lite devices is the lack of back-up ability. Oh yeah...can you select track or north up? :D
Yes, you can select track / north up. Putting a waypoin in is as simple as the push of a button, you can even add a photo with it. You can also add a waypoint into an existing route. (tap on the map- add to route) You can fully customize the screen ...
I have to admit that i do most of my trip planning on my pc at home (TTQV 4 +5 ), and then just sync it on the apple device, but crating a route is pretty straight forward.
Ceating a
Saved tracks can be emailed.... or shared with (soon anyway)
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Thanks! Another question (OK...several :wings:): From the Pathaway app on iTunes they make it sound as if they don't include the actual topo map overlay(s). Is this correct? And if it is what topo maps are you using that can be uploaded to the iPad? If Pathaway does include base topo maps what scale are they?
"WebMaps - Download Internet maps on-the-fly
Web Maps allows you to download maps on-the-fly from a Map Server on the internet. Maps will be downloaded in the background and displayed on the screen as they complete downloading. Maps are cached, so downloading only needs to be done once. Maps currently supported:
Google Maps: Worldwide street, satellite, and terrain maps.
Terraserver-USA Maps: USGA Topographic and aeriel photo maps. Covers USA only. User contributed Street Map Community. Covers most of World. User contributed topgraphic and terrain maps. Covers most of World "
Otherwise you can load your own bitmaps (you can scan your own and calibrate them too if you fancy that...)


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And somehow this is able to be uploaded to an iPad? I assume Pathaway somehow incorporates all the data into a bundle that iPad will accept?

FYI: My focus is finding a suitable app that runs from GPS. No cell/wifi where we go...
Not sure what you saying / asking?
The app for the Iphone / iPad is available in the apple app store,
and once you got the maps on your phone (or you use your own maps)
you don't need phone coverage to use the gps..?
The app store has 0 reviews! I find it hard to believe this app competes with all the others that have been mentioned on here. Prove me wrong!
Mate, I am not here to proof anything to anybody. I just wanted to give you guy's a heads up. I use it, I am happy- it does evereything i was missing in other apps.(and combines it in one single app)
If you want to use it is your desition.
Besides that the Express verion is pretty it?, enough information out there..
Thanks! Believe me I am looking for the killer app for my iPad and really appreciate you bringing this great app to our attention.
Hey gents, the app sure looks interesting. I really like the sound of "backtracking". I've gotten lost on the way "out" before :)

I tried importing a map image, unfortunately neither their mac nor their windows tools were able to handle it. Perhaps it was operator error. I'm going to do some more research before I jump on this.

I'm trying it out too. I really like that when your marking a point, you can document it with a photo taken by the ipad and type in a few notes.