Paying VAT when purchasing a truck chassis for export

I am looking at buying a used MB truck chassis in Germany from a private seller. Since it will be eventually exported to the US paying the VAT is not necessary. My question is, is the German seller required to collect the VAT from the buyer and then the VAT is refunded by the government to the seller on export? Or, does the seller sell vehicle with no VAT included and the buyer would only pay the US import duty.


When you buy from a private seller, you just pay the price he asks. There is no VAT. That's only for commercial sellers. The private seller already payed VAT when purchasing the vehicle and afterwards there is no VAT anymore.
If the person was a commercial, he could buy the vehicle without VAT and than the VAT has to be payed when he sells it. But that's not the situation apparently.


If the seller is asking for VAT (value added tax), then he's VAT registered, and trading as a business. I believe that if you are buying a vehicle for export and have an overseas address, then the vehicle can be sold to you without the VAT part. I think it has to then be exported within a certain amount of time. This is how it worked when I exported my tractor out of the UK and imported it into Australia. Good luck, and lets see some pics of what you are/might be buying. :)