Penthouse Pop Top for van, or? New Mexico



I removed this Pop Top from a Dodge Sportsman that had been originally converted by Sprinter Campers, per the tag. The top is in great condition for it's age the canvas does not have any tears or holes in it and all the zippers work, it is a little dirty. The lift mechanism is still very strong (my original thought was to take the lift mechanism and install it on my chinook but thought it would be better served left complete for a van conversion). The top is very similar to what is found on a westafalia. The front piece of the top is permanently attached to the front of the van but has a place for storage in front and can be accessed through the front canvas window which does not have screen. The top edge measurements at the longest points are: 9 feet long, 65 inches wide. The front piece by it self is 3 feet long and the pop top is 9 feet long. The inside of the pop top measurements are: 8 feet long and 45 inches wide. I am sure I have missed something so please ask if you have any questions. SOLD!!!!! I do not think it is practical to ship this so please plan on picking it up. It has been removed from the van pictures and is stored in my garage out of the weather. Located near Los Alamos, NM.

Send me a pm if you want it and we will figure the rest out. I am trying to add photos but having issues. I will add them as soon as I figure it out. You can send me your email if you want and I will send them to you there.
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I will be driving across Arizona on I 40 tomorrow 1/8/16 if anyone is interested I could bring it with me.


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Hi tank can't get close to your price but if you get tiered of sitting on it call me I'm east of Albq
Thanks Neil
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Neil, I have not had it up for long but I plan to give it a little while to see how it goes. I may give you a call to see what your thinking. I am flexible.


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Cool find, I have seen them in junkyards around here as well, most are usually too weathered to be useful but are a cool design. If memory serves they are about 21 inches longer than a VW setup but same width inside.