PHX Expo Parts: Warn 8274 Winch Jeep CJ mount, Scepter Water, Metal Jerry Can & Boxes

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PHX Expo Parts: Warn 8274 Winch Jeep CJ mount, Scepter Water, Metal Jerry Can & Boxes

Last of my expo stuff left to sell:

** Warn 8274 Winch, on a Jeep CJ mount with fairlead, controller, cables, bolts etc - $650

** USMC Metal Water can - has USMC stamped as well as WATER stamped - good shape - $40

** USN metal box of some sort, maybe a medical box? Has a unique folding design - $40

** Pair of small metal surplus cans, approx 2.5 gallons each, have 1956 stamped in them - $25 each

** Misc Yellow metal tool box, pretty well used, -$10

** (1) 33x10.50x15 BFG MT KM2 - new with tag never mounted (not pictured) - $150

** I have (1) of these NOS military portable cleaning kits, comes with a 14 liter black scepter style can, though it has some unique fittings, a metal base / carrier with a built in storage compartment containing cleaning hoses, brushes and tools. I think the deal was you would fill the tank with water, then pressurize it and plug in whatever cleaning tool you wanted for washing stuff. You could use the tank for water storage and the storage compartments for tools, gears, ratchet straps and what not. $80 it is really cool.

I can box and ship any of the cans for additional $ but due to weight and bulkyness I am not interested in trying to ship the winch. Everything can be picked up in Avondale, AZ email is best:



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I think your "cleaning kit" is actually part of an NBC decon apparatus. Designed to be set up so Joe's exposed to whatever nasty junk is out there can be hosed off in the field. But your right... I DOES work like a portable pressurized sprayer. Best use I've found for them is to fill them with mostly degreaser and warm water. Pressurize it and spray the Jeep all over and under. I can get a few "Coats" of cleaner on before heading to the wash place and it comes pretty dang clean. :)
If you want I'll cross post your winch on the Scrambler forum.?.


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That is really cool - How does the water pressurize? Is there a pump or something, or just really low pressure / gravity fed?


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IIRC it has a fitting like an air quick disco. May be wrong as its been a while since I looked at them up close.

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