picked up 3 more white ball transfer case shift levers today for you guys

Several of you have been asking if I had any left, today I finally had a chance to get out to the yards and grabbed 3 white ball levers to upgrade your crappy red ball lever found in the gen 2.5 Monteros. Price is firm at $75 shipped. Here is my old thread with info and pictures about why you should replace the shifter in your 98-00 Montero http://forum.expeditionportal.com/t...eplace-or-upgrade-their-transfer-case-shifter
You have a junkyard with THREE later models in it? I hate you, I'm so jealous.

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Good to see someone keeping an eye out for these. I wish I had more time to hit the local yards and keep an eye out for the important stuff too. We need a guy like you in every major city haha.
I have a 98 Montero Sport. I believe it has the same transfer case as my old 95 Montero. I haven't opened up the transfer case on my 98. Anyone with any experience with this part on 97-99 Montero Sports?