Picked Up the New Isuzu NPS 300


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:Wow1: That is nice,who needs a bed with a lounge like that:drool:
I'm Very jealous of you :)
What sort of weight does it come in at fully loaded (camper) and was the size of the tray you built (couldn't find it listed any where)?
Thanks for the pic's

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The Weight and Measurements are

The tray measures 2160 Wide x 4300 Long.

The Truck and Camper weighs around 6000 Kg

The Camper lightly loaded is around 1850 kg.

The bench tops are custom made and laminated.


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The GVM for the NPS 300 is 6000 Kg.
When you say "The Truck and Camper weighs around 6000 Kg", is that including "The Camper lightly loaded is around 1850 kg"?

If so, what do you consider "lightly loaded", given you are at your maximum GVM?



Given the amount of available storage,depending on what you could load into the vehicle it would be easy to overload it.
It is an issue with both the Fuso and the Isuzu with the tare weight being very high when you start to add Bull Bar,Winches,extra water tanks,extra fuel tanks,etc.



That looks great! I like the way the camper unit comes off the truck and becomes a cottage, great setup!
What is the item above the settee window next to the door? looks like an airconditioner??


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Hi Ozzyfishaman

Its been a few years since you completed the Isuzu truck. Please give us an update on how the rig performed.


Yes it has been a few years that I built the camper and truck,and it has performed exactly as it was designed,it has travelled 50000klm's all over Oz,and the only issue has been other than wearing out tyres,was on the Gibb River Road in West oz was one of the cnr jacks caught on a large rutt and bent it backwards at 45deg, the next time the camper was taken off was in Exmouth WA and that was achieved on 3 legs.
Other than that it has performed very well.:bike_rider:

Curtis in Texas

That is my Favorite Rig!
I'm remodeling my Class A Motorcoach and secretly Walter Mitty dreaming of building a Rig like this one!

It's a shame, but, the Wife doesn't want to give up her comforts!
I keep telling her the comforts are still there in a rig like yours, only they are a little closer together.

If I were ever single again!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bruyn

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Hey guys
loving your comments. Im about to purchase my nps300 . Unfortunately we are extremely limited here for aftermarket stuff so will be building all myself. Will keep you posted.

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