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Got the GSAw in country (finally) and finished up some mirrors, Givi luggage, AF-XIED fuel controller, some touratech bar risers and other small bits, a headlight guard.

took it out for 400 miles through the carpathians and over the Transfagarasan. Really dig the bike.



Family Adventurer
2016 GSA

I'm in the game now! I've ridden Harleys for decades and finally made the switch to a 2016 GSA. Bike is insanely cool, now I just need to learn to ride on dirt.



Newbie here

Greetings all! I'm the new owner of a pristine 2015 BMW G650GS with only 930 miles. Bought it to train for an 18-day all-inclusive adventure bike guided tour to Patagonia with my son next year. This bike is slick now, but I want to build it up to similar specs as the bikes (G700GS) we'll be using on the tour. To that end, I welcome recommendations for engine guards, crash bars, panniers etc, as well as apparel, noting Texas summers are unpleasant for heavy protective gear. The only item I've settled on thus far is the Arai XD-4 flourescent yellow helmet. As a retired soldier, I have a few very serviceable pairs of combat boots appropriate for riding.

At my age, 69, I don't anticipate ever wanting a larger or more powerful bike, nor will I be blasting down the highway at 70mph, so I'll likely keep this one until the day I pass it on to someone else.

My bike is in the garage now, waiting for me to pass the Basic Rider Course next week. Will be adding many hours and miles in the weeks to come.


I'm new to the motorcycle world. I picked my 2011 drz in April and have loved every minute of it. So far I have added a PMR rear and side racks, Clarke 3.9 gl tank, led lights, and a few other small things here and there. I'm looking for to many miles of exploring.

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