Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!


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Good to know. I’ll have to swing by Lowes and check out their Ambo build out kit. ;)

12” are standard upper cabinets, and they usually come in +3” wide increments (9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30). Most custom kitchens are built out of a combination of “blocks” and a few filler strips to fill in anything left over. I’ve also cut up parts of prebuilt cupboards to fit spaces that weren’t standard... in some cases I’d consider doing that to avoid wasted space created between two boxes. In North America we tend not to worry about it... however in Europe their cabinets waste no space. In a box 12’ long, a few inches wasted here or there can make a big difference.

I’d also be cautious of particle board cabinets, and instead look for plywood boxes. Plywood tends to cost a bit more, but it’ll not crumble if it gets damp or bounced around. The weight difference wouldn’t be big, but could make some difference in lighter rigs or if total weight is a concern... 20 lbs wouldn’t be very noticeable in my 9k+ rig :)


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got vambi painted and put some new 235/85/16 Duratrac's on her, starting on the interior this weekend. Also going to relocate the batteries from under the hood to the compartment behind the driver's door



2004 E350 6.0, Braun body, 138" wb, 78,000 miles, seems really clean and un touched.

Had been a "Mobile Command Unit" for the last decade. Removed all the stickers and saved the stripe for last... Ugg. Paint is even nice and should buff out clean after I get the stripe and lights off.

Been monitoring the 6.0 like a hawk. Everything is clean, coolant, EOT vs ECT, FICM, trans(had a temp sensor code, replaced it when I did full trans service, perfect now) Rear diff makes a slight grumble when in deceleration, getting service soon(last thing to service) Really impressed with how these handle.

I admit, I bought this with the full intention of re selling it... The wife kind of likes it and sees a ton of potential, so we will see how that goes.



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"Removed all the stickers and saved the stripe for last... Ugg."

I would think twice about removing the stripe. That looks very nice, and it's going to be just boring white without it, especially if you remove the side scene lights also. Might as well just be a delivery truck.

Just my opinion...

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That slider is cool reminds me of the Grumman LLV postal trucks in a way. But the ambulance with a cool door I really want to find is a M997 HMMWV ambulance. It has the stairs that flip down, we never took these on deployment but I spent tons of time in them when we were training. It was the only HMMWV with AC (for the patients) and it even worked sometimes
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Half way through my latest build. I have the interior pretty much where I want it but still need to paint and decide on the UJOR kit.. I just cant bring myself to do it in winter, on jack stands, in my driverway... Any way it has a Whytner 47 qt, outdoor instant hot shower with 14 gal. Flat screen which tucks away in a cabinet, ship lap on the walls, subway tile backsplash etc.



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It's looking good, but what is the reasoning for switching around the Flex-cot anchor wells on the crew bench?

Normally, the round wells are on the forward (head) end and the rectangle wells are on the rear (foot) end, to accept this type of stretcher which is called a Flex-cot.