PICS of your bike on your vehicle

My trips start from my driveway

I have to agree with Greg, I am either taking my Tacoma or the motorbike and not both. For me, it lessens the adventure somewhat. I had this conversation with my brother who drove his 35' motorhome down to see me (Oregon to Arizona) and he trailered his Harley. He swears that he loves riding the bike so why hassle with the RV? I think he would have had a much more fulfilling trip if he came down on the Harley. I also believe that it would have been cheaper, even staying in hotels along the way. That RV eats a lot of fuel and requires an RV park to stay in and they really aren't much cheaper than a motel.
Just my two cents.
Different tools for different jobs, hauling a street bike on an RV isn't really the same as hauling a dirt bike (with full knobbies) on a 4x4 expo rig. The Harley is made for long distance touring, a dirt bike... Some folks like to stage in the woods, ride single track all day and have a base camp to come back to. Next day rinse and repeat