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I'm currently packing up the adventure trailer for a little beach run over the next couple of days and I realized that I may not be able to boast about the most effecient use of space. I am a little bit challenged when it comes to spacial perception.

So. . . I'd thought I'd learn from the experts. Next time you pack up your trailer, post pics with either a packing list or a few different pics of the progress of packing (in other words, we might need to see how each layer fits together)

I realize that sometimes packing is alot like a tetris game. I was never very good at it, so I would love to learn more from you all.

Thanks in advance. I'll post mine up when it isnt' too embarrasing!!:) :)


Allright, I'll kickstart it with a couple of shots from this weekend.

Using 17 Gallon boxes from Home depot.
1 Cabella's camp kitchen and 1 table, 4 captains chairs.

Not all items pictured.
as well, one pack and play, 1 screen tent, 1 cooler

the chairs and table fit perfectly above the boxes and camp kitchen and still allows me to be able to close the lid without any trouble.

Can't wait to see what you all have!

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I don't have any pictures but advice.
Always keep in mind that there is vibration and movements that are going to effect the load.

With that in mind you wouldn't want to pack a lantern where a sudden stop is going to cause the load to shift against it and possibly damage it or break the globe. What ever is next to the lantern would need to afford some protection for it. You also have to concider how the lantern would effect what is used to protect it. You wouldn't want to use your pillow or sleeping bag to protect a white gas lantern because the fuel will at the very least leave an odor on the bedding and possibly crispy bugs. A folded tarp that can wrap around or even a soft sided pack however would be great.

Compartmentalize gear in containers. Kitchen gear in one, Food in another, bedding in another etc. This allows ease of locating gear when you need it and related gear staying together.

It doesn't have to be fancy. My family for years used 2 cardboard egg crates for our Kitchen set up. It worked perfect and fit the space perfect. When done with the trip it stored perfect on the shelf.
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Ok here is a quick run down of what we have in the Chaser #15.

10 - Akro-Mils storage bins. Layered 2 high.
1 - 4' x 2' plastic folding table. Stored upright against the back wall.(shown)
1 - Engle MT35 Fridge with a TwoZone on top.
1 - Colman Instant Hot water heater. - Tan Bag Inside. (If this was removed I could put another 2 Akro-Mils bins in its place but it does hinder getting to the latch on the refrigerator.)
1 - prototype wood table shown. Fits vertically between the Engle and the side wall of the trailer.
2 - La fuma Blue Chairs rest in the 45 degree angle between the Prototype wood table and the exterior of the trailer. (not shown in place in photograph)
1 - Zodi shower in front of the Akro bins(shown)
1 - One gallon propane tank next to the Zodi
1 - 10 gallon powertank next to the Zodi (not shown)
On the hinge side of the trailer between the table and 45 degree angle I slide my long poles for my shower enclosure and Parawing.

The Akro bins are filled with these items.
1-3 are used by my brother Miles - 1 Clothes, 2 Vegan food, 3 odds and ends - He usually brings a sleeping bag.
4-5 my clothes and food.
6 - Stove and cooking gear
7 - recovery gear
8 - water and soda
9 - tools
10 - shower enclosure and parawing minus the poles.

The Akro bin lay out 7-10 make up the bottom back row. Number 6(stove) resides bottom front row. The rest are on top of the bottom row. Easy to reach.(My food bin is removed in the photgraph)



Slo--That's Awesome!! there's a lady in town that drives a car much like that. It's amazing how many newspapers you can fit in a Caddy!!

Grim--I found that out the HARD Way. I've already lost a coleman lantern. The mojave was not good for it at all. I wish i had had your advice before. Great stuff.

Gear--Thanks, very cool bins!

let's keep em coming