Pics of your VAN! Post up!


there is currently a white Sportsmobile parked outside my work right now in costa mesa. Not sure if the man / woman works in my building, but it's in the same parking lot.

White with black side ladder and black rear tire carrier w/ no tire.

hello if you're on this site!

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T.Low I think that would look very cool. I am going to do my van in silver to match the stripe I put on the pop top. I was wanting to break up the white shuttle bus look. I am also doing the flare over the wheel well in silver too.

Brettf I sort of did a post on building my top here it is.

Thanks for the comments everyone with any luck It will be usable in the next few weeks.



Expedition Leader
Thanks for your opinions, guys.

Ya know, I was going to take the body cladding off i could paint it black first, and I have an extra set of the same Chevy wheels with some worn BFG ATs on them, so i can paint those too. And how much could a black front bumper cover off a cargo van possibly cost at a junkyard?
I could drive it around for a while like that, then if I don't like, take the cladding off and put the old wheels and bumper cover back on...:ylsmoke:


Nice van Peggert!
BTW, who makes the steps that you have on your van? I'm looking for something very similar.

Recommended books for Overlanding