Pics of your VAN! Post up!


Thought I would share some photos of my latest Ambo project... Still stock looking on the outside but the interior is near complete. It has wood laminate floors, ship lap on the walls, 47qt whytner fridge, smart tv which tucks away in a cabinet but can also swivel toward the inside or outside viewing with HDTV antenna. The Solar is a 200w Renogy set up which is feeding the 3 ambulance batteries. So yes the batteries are not Ideal but it does allow for the ambulance batteries to charge via, shore power, solar, and alt. For heat there is the ambulance heater while the engine runs, as well as a small elec heater, and a Mr. Buddy running to 30lb propane tank. I will be painting the rig as soon as I get a nice day or two. Also still debating on the UJOR kit. The carpet bad is just to protect the floors while i was working on the inside. It Also has a hand pump sink drawing from 7 gal tank, as well as a instant hot water shower in an exterior cabinet which is fed from 2 6 gal tanks.



yeah that's kinda where i was with it.... it makes it look very conversion vanny with them on!

the window was stuck there from the coach house factory..... i kinda like how small it is but it also makes the rear bed area feel small when the shades are closed.... i'm not sure on the screen ill have to check that!

the van is really pissing me off right now, it's a 5.8 and needed a tps as it was grossly out of range so i pulled all that crap and realized the thermostat was leaking so i started pulling the bolts and they had that rubbery feeling like right before the head snap off sooooo i heated the hell out of them, one came out nice and the other one snapped clean off.... spend the last two hours outside in about 20 degrees drilling it and now i've got it ready for a time sert and new bolt.... what a mess!!!

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Should I remove the running boards on this thing?

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Yes you should. Protecting fro dirt can beetwr be acheived by mud flaps. They are not even usefull to help you wity roof storage.

Only use I could see is that they can be a good sacrrfice noise maker when you travel rougher terrain. When you here them bending, that means you are close from crushing the rocker panels. But if you keep tyem, you have to carry the tools to be able to remove them if the only partialy tore away from the van while traveling.

All depen what you plan to do with the van! Nice find btw.


I think I am going to rip them off this weekend, the only purpose I see them serving at this point is holding up the waste water outlet at the back end but that can be done with a simple steel bracket. I don't plan on lifting this thing or taking it offroad ever but the running boards are just such an eyesore lol .


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^^^ Ill let the owner explain the conversion, but it was funny sitting in the van for lunch watching vids and seeing a few people rackin heads trying to figure out what they were looking at, lol.

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very good day. thanks for twisting my arm to head up! back leg is still sore too. getting old is getting old...


First time a see a Cadillac clip put on a van! Wow aha used to see them on trucks all the time early 2000’s wonder what is involved in fitting that to a van!