Pics of your VAN! Post up!

As the handle may suggest, a RHD Japanese Toyota van, I went the American way(the RHD vans are damn expensive and rising)Astro/Safari 4.3 lifted 4” camperized “ODaF” 2hi/4hi/4Lo Transfer case van. With the help of a local mechanic/enthusiast who has helped in almost every step of the way, “Sinatra” is almost complete.


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Im calling this my new van because of the flat nose lol. With my 5'10" father in standing there you can see this thing is short but huge. The entire box is aluminum, all interior is aluminum diamond plate, even the roof, built in 3500 watt Honda genset, massive amounts of outside storage, awning, flood lights, GVWR of 29500lbs, Cat diesel, rear heat/AC, shore power. 6 new larger aggressive tires is going to hurt my bank account something fierce. It is neato!


Looks really good. Is that a stock truck bumper?
It's a stock 03-07 GMC Sierra front bumper that I cut to fit the van. I also had to make a front support for it and two side brackets.

It looks like it fits pretty good, with the exception that the wheel wells don't line up perfect. (I painted it black and it looks better)

Here is a before/after photo when I was first fabricating it:

Recommended books for Overlanding