Pics of your VAN! Post up!


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Long weekend at the Sand Dunes in southern CO with our 11yr old and some friends, then over Medano pass on the way home. We ran Medano E to W a few years ago, but this time we ran W to E (and every year is different on these trails).

Hedy did fine over the pass, which includes some really deep/soft sand on the West side (inside the Sand Dunes National Park) and some narrow loose/rocky climbs throughout. Helped free a rental Jeep from the sand - ladders work!

Definitely working the '4x4' system in a few areas, but not a difficult trail (or I wouldn't try it with a 7000+lb van)

Camp dinner with my sweetie
camp cooking.jpg

Headed out - some sand (not a deep section). Jeeps climbing out of water crossing #1 in the background (about 10 crossings in total, many ~18-24" deep)
Sweet tree canopy
in the trees.jpg
lunch/coffee stop
lunch stop.jpg

Some shallow mud pits - nice mud step just out of view.
muddy pits.jpg

Over the pass - surrounded by mountains on all sides.
Over pass.jpgover pass 3.jpg

Air-up time. Sangre De Cristo mountain range in the background (which is what Medano passes over)
air up.jpg


Been slowly transforming this old church van into a family adventure wagon. Don’t know why this church needed a V10…but I’m not complaining. Just got took the fam on a 4600 mile, cross-country road trip.

Made an obligatory stop at the Grand Canyon.

Decided not to run over this Corvette.

Enjoyed a quiet day at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

Convinced my wife to let me stop and talk to the owner of this beast.

Lots of other great memories, but here’s at least a couple van pics I thought I could post up.

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Long weekend in the van. Over Cottonwood pass (now fully, then off-road to a dispersed site near Taylor Lake for a night. The next day, south through Lake City to Mill Creek campground for a few days. Over Cinnamon Pass, then home through Glenwood Springs (and an evening soak). Arrived home quite late (near Boulder) - but no I-70 traffic!

Not bad for Thrs afternoon - Sun night adventure.
oTaylor sunset 1.jpg

Not a bad sunset looking toward Taylor Lake.

Taylor sunset 2.jpg
Farkle (oldest son and wife)
taylor, dice.jpg
We bring a feeder to attract entertainment
bird 1.jpg
Headed to Cinnamon Pass
pass 1, east.jpg
Van campers (those kids have grown up camping/traveling in vans. So did my wife; she saw 48 states in a van as a kid!)

pass 3, fam.jpg Money Shot - (you wouldn't know there were 6-8 other vehicles up there, mostly razor-y things and jeeps... no other vans!)
pass 2, sign.jpg
Well, speaking of vans on Cinnamon Pass, we went hit it from Silverton a few weeks ago:

CO by K A, on Flickr

A day or two before that we took Ophir over from Telluride.

CO by K A, on Flickr
Awesome! I was on my Dual Sport out there this summer and rode both those passes. The entire time I was wondering if my van could do it. Do you have 4x4? Mine is 2014 Ford E350 EB that is currently all stock, blank canvas, and was wondering how your van did on those passes. Thanks!