Pics of your VAN! Post up!


Real nice Van. I just got myself one the ext version. Can I ask you how does she handle in the snow. I live in Ny I get snow I'm pretty sure not as much as you might get. I'm just wondering if investing in snow tires a wise idea.
Yes on snow tires. Getting side ways with a 4x4 E350SD XLT Quigley is not gong to end well. And getting one of these heavy vans stuck is no fun.


i have a 2WD E250 EB and use it consistently through the winter months in upstate NY/VT a second set of dedicated snow tires (not snow rated ATs) to me is a must. Being able to go is nice. but being able to stop and turn is way more important.


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^^^ I’ve been using a similar rack setup for the 2 bikes we haul around. It’s about the best you can do if hauling 2 bikes (more options if you only need to carry one). The one thing I did was affix a turnbuckle from the rear tray to the bumper as an anti-rattle device on each side. Helped with the side to side wobble a lot. Regular anti-wobble devices didn’t seem to help at all.

I have a design in my head for a bumper integrated moto hauler that wouldn’t need to clog the hitch and would raise the bikes further from the ground for better departures. Just need some time and money to put it together.


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Trying to sort out my dual sport for my next trip. Don’t love hitch racks, any suggestions out there?
Every time I see a bike on a hitch rack sticking way out I cringe. So much weight bouncing up and down way out there. I know they work and don't break every day but still look sketchy. You have the spare tire nearest the van, then some light weight plastic mats and a bag, and then the heaviest thing, the bike at about 275# the furthest back. Maybe put the bike nearest the van, then make an attachment to hold the spare tire up higher and then mount the mats over or behind the tire.


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Here is my ten year labor of love.

Diesel camper off-grid panel van build summary:
VW 1.9L TDI diesel motor, rebuilt Syncro transmission and serviced front differential;
OEM 4 wheel drive, air lockers, driveline decoupler, solid shaft front differential;
60l fresh water and VW OEM grey water tank;
CTEK controlled MPPT solar, DC-DC charging, AC-DC charging, AGM deep cycle house battery and 120W solar;
AC charging and live power Iota AC charge controller and generator connection;
Secondary dedicated fuse panel and relays for house battery and accessories;
Anderson connectors for house battery and starter battery for 12v cooler, jump or accessories;
Westfalia interior. Cabinets, z bed, gas stove, sink and faucet;
All new interior upholstery including seats, walls, dash, headliner, poptop canvas, carpeting.
Interior fully insulated - rigid insulation, fatmat, QuietCar spray and engine bay covered with high-density high-mass load vinyl;
Sportsmobile-like (Riviera ASI) poptop fully refurbished with new hardware, canvas, LEDs and solar fan;
Diesel auxiliary heater;
VintageAir AC/Heat;
Euro black-out curtains, cab partition black-out curtains and tinted glass throughout;
Satellite DishTV mount and TV supports;
Hard-wired backup camera system;
Power windows, steering, heated mirrors, brakes and headed seat;
Sleeping for four.