Pics of your VAN! Post up!


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More on Utah.

Through Capital Reef (South Draw 'Rd'). I knew this would be at least a dirt road, but it turned out to be pretty serious 4x4ing... lot of tripods and 2-wheel teetering (some next to near-cliff edges with zero line choice due to the narrowness of the trail). No pics of the real hairy ******** - too busy driving.

South Draw entrance.jpg
South Draw 1.jpg
South Draw 2.jpg

The sun popped out right after we descended from the high point of the difficult section.
South Draw exit.jpg
Then it got a lot more relaxed.
South Draw beyond.jpg

South Draw creek.jpg

Took a few shots to the front skid plate (and smashed my trailer plug connector at the rear)
skid plate.jpg

Some great country!

Van did awesome! Really exercised the 4x4 system on this one. RENNtech tune makes a HUGE difference in throttle control off road - highly recommended.


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Even more Utah.

Hole in the rock road (to some slot canyons - which I found that I couldn't do... way to claustrophobic, but my wife and 11yr old had fun)

And the Burr Trail, which I've been wanting to travel for some years - super cool. Did it on my B-Day

Camp 2.jpg
hole in the rock road.jpg
Burr 1.jpg

18*F in the AM (yeah, Diesel heater!)
cold AM.jpg

Even more in the middle of nowhere.... near Eggnog (not really a town, but on the map). More like Tatooine

Hedy was meant to be here.
Eggnog 2.jpg