Pictures of Camp Kitchens

here's a couple, mind you I didn't take these to show off my kitchen.

first one is a gold base camp set up when we are in one place for an extended amount of time,

oregon 044.jpg

second is a quick road kitchen. set up like this for overnight or 1-2 days,


Trecash6850, what are those canvas bags the utensils are in? also the one with the spices in it. Who makes those?
As all ready mentioned the utensils are in a Front Runner bag which is amazing for the price. I've only added a few items too it and it handles everything in one convenient package. The other is a the Blue Ridge Overland Gear bag which I'm using for miscellaneous cooking items and spices. The spice bottles are secured with either one wrap or adhesive Velcro. The utensils bag stores conveniently in front of my fridge.

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Thanks Brian. It's basically 2 sheets of 1/8" aluminum hinged together. A small chain holds them together and provides for a bit of adjustment. I welded 2 brackets that bolt on to one of the vertical aluminum sheet. I just hang the table on over the tailgate when I need it. The brackets are lined with rubber to protect the paint.

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but not camping / overlanding. Here are some pics of our kitchen setup. It is a swing away hitch mount kitchen. This is a product we are developing. Pics are of the prototype. 2nd edition is in production now. IMG_20180226_072810_376.jpg 20180623_220525.png