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Not sure what that rant is about. You asked for my thoughts about hard bags to Alaska, I gave them to you. RHINO said he thought the KTMs I saw in CA were 690rrs. I went and checked the blog of those guys, and the bikes were 690s. I reported back. I thought they were great bikes, based on what I saw and how they performed. I was particularly impressed with their weight. What am I missing here? Like you, I tend to give more weight to the opinion of those who have used the gear, or, at least, touched it. So explain where the bad behavior is, because I don't see it. Teach me, oh master.
That wasn't a rant. It was a simple observation. The encouraged behavior here is to praise things and not criticize. I did not find 690s to be all that great after owning two of them. Fuel system issues, top end issues, poor steering geometry, lack of fuel capacity unless you hemorrhage cash on aftermarket, etc. Like my old D90, it sure was fun... when it wasn't broken down :)

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They were 690s. I couldn't get the photos to upload, but their blog is at:

Great bikes.
i dont think so,,, fun bikes but they replaced the 640a, and in my opinion was no replacement at all, just a totally new bike in the lineup with no more adventure bike other than the big boys.. if you notice guys who are travelling on them are outfitting them differently, more like the 640a was, like the non exsistent 690a shoulda been. with front tanks, smoother power delivery and quite a bit of gremlin preventative work.
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Both or either great excuses for a ride!

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That was my dream bike. But 180miles a week yr around with heavy city traffic I went way off reservation. I put 65,000 commute miles on the 2002 Honda Silver Wing. No joke, worked great for the commute. And stupid quick.. Some day when my kids are grown up. Till then my 2wheel action is a Mt Bike on single track.