Pimp Rover


Heretic Car Camper
I'm sure it was done to irritate. It does.


"Custom 1995 Pink Range Rover

Custom Pink Metallic Paint

22'' rims with pink spinners

Custom Gucci print interior with Ostrich Skin Inlays

2 kicker subs with 2 kicker amps

7'' screen Alpine iva-d300 head unit (mobile multimedia system)

17'' tv in the rear

This Range Rover is truely custom. When this was done the entire car was taken apart and put back together. This car will change your life!!! Everywhere you go heads will turn and when people catch a glimpse of the gucci print interior they must have a look. This Rover is a 1995 and does have some concerns that go with a car of this age. The air suspension warning light is on, but the suspension is functioning fine and drives well. May just be a sensor. This truck does have a second battery that runs the tvs and speakers. This battery must be replaced. The tv's and speakers are fully functional, but if left hooked up will drain the main battery in a day or two. With the 22'' rims this car does give a bit of a rough ride. You do feel every bump and a slight vibration at higher speeds. This is typical with larger rims. The engine runs strong as does the transmission. This truck needs a little tlc. You can own this Range for a fraction of the money it would take to do this. Truely custom."



Ah tasteful.

Now I know why I carry a 5 gallon jerry on my beaten up old 88 with it's 'black vinyl print' interior and a box of matches on the dash.