Please talk me out of my irrational desire for a Disco

Incredible story. Congrats & Happy New Year! When a brand or model gets in your blood, you'll move Heaven & Earth to get the right one. Good for you Goony goo goo!
On a happier note- or funny at least- the Disco adventure continues to be par for my expectations. I think its absolutely hilarious.

I was so excited for the airbags...

And it gets better... My wife mentions to me, “hey I think there might be a leak under the Disco”. “Are you sure it's not from the old one?”

Ah but no, it is the first leak. The master cylinder has tanked. And I've not even driven it since getting back! Oh well, just adds to the list of stuff to do before I drive it. I did confirm it has Dexcool as well so that needs to be flushed too.
He was the ring bearer in our wedding, if that gives you an idea of how special he was to us.

Keeping things on happy notes, I managed to flush the coolant and do a good bleeding. I'm adding a bottle of Water Wetter too as a means of keeping temps at a good level.

I also totally removed the center stack in prep of the stereo install and also to replace the pop out cup holder mechanism, clock, and HVAC control panel, and add in a spring to one of the vents. It is so nice to get an unmolested machine as you can truly see how things were done OEM and see how they are supposed to be done.

This weekend I'm hoping to get the ACE system bled with a new filter and possibly the tranny fluid flushed, but I suspect I'll work on getting the dash put back together before the tranny.

All that will be remaining to get it road worthy after that are:
- air bag for the rear (and ironically it has held for the last couple days just sitting in the driveway)
- tires
- brake master cylinder

On that note, I'm currently debating getting serious in my diagnostic capability and getting a nanocom. But that is a healthy expense for a tool for something that is a toy, so I'm unsure if I should just yet, but it sure would be nice.
The hilarity continues. So I've finally gotten the “new” one to DD Status and have enjoyed it a good bit for the last couple days. However, what cracks me up is after I replace both front door lock actuators, I come to realize the rear cargo door one is out. How funny. Then, I took a break from the office and drove over to get the GBR opinion on it, and it promptly started leaking coolant when Bill took a look at it. Just too funny.

Thus far the list of things I've done to the new one (even in all its goodness):
- both front door lock actuators
- fixed cruise control
- installed the stereo
- replaced HVAC control with nicer one
- replaced the clock with a nicer one
- replaced the non functioning cup holder in the front
- fixed the rear center armrest cup holder
- fixed the center seatbelt retractor
- Flushed out the dexcool to 50/50 with a bottle of water wetter
- replaced the fan clutch
- flushed the PS and ACE systems
- replaced some various clips and such
- swapped to the old wheels and tires

That's what I can remember off the top of my head. Most all of the “new” parts came from the wrecked truck, so it's not cost me anything other than time. Still left to do:
- tranny drain and new filter
- diff fluid change
- t case fluid change
- replace the condenser fan
- mount the roof rack
- swap in the GBR drive shafts
- adjust the steering box
- get the runroofs working (adjustment I'm sure)
- replace some various lights up front
- replace the tailgate lock actuator
- probably a radiator
- replace windshield cowl
- replace rear airbag

At that point, I think I'm pretty much to a steady state until the next issue comes up. After driving the Jeep for a few weeks, I have to be honest and say I really prefer the Disco for DD duties. I'll throw some pictures up soon to show the progress- although the visible stuff isn't really there yet save the wheels as it's thus far all been just to get it going.
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So I took a Disco off road for the first time. I was quite impressed. Only a few minutes from the house and totally impromptu, but it is quite capable, and flexes incredibly well.

I've put a 2” lift in (springs front, spacers for the airbags rear) and shocks all around as well as replaced the leaking airbag in the rear. The ACE system is incredible: low speeds the sway bars disconnect, and at road speeds, the keep in level in cornering. The pics above are not aired down and nothing disconnected. Color me impressed. I've gone ahead and gotten a CDL from an ‘04 to more or less finish it off in the off road Department.

I also replaced the door lock actuatorin the rear and a few other bits as I have time. The only appreciable things left service wise are the radiator swap, remaining fluid changes, and mount the rack. I designed a relay panel I'll be building in the coming month for a few lights to be put on the rack and brush guard, all with factory light switches in the cluster surround.

It's done daily duties for the last few weeks with nary a hiccup. Now for the dumbfounding revelation: I got 17 mpg for a couple tanks!!! The Disco is quickly gaining favor.

Before and after shots for the lift:

I splurged and got a nanocom for a number of reasons and LOVE it. I've only used it to deflate the bags a couple times, but also set the height with it and can bleed the brakes properly as well. A very cool tool.

I'm hoping to make use of it for quick camping trips with the kids this spring and summer, and may even replace the Jeep as the dirt bike transporter for trips.
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