POD: Custom camper - design stage

(This thread will be going parallel path on WTW so for anyone that cruises both you'll see it duplicated.) I've been throwing together thoughts on doing a custom camper as well and have been studying up on the construction method I've been thinking about for a couple months. I've got a fairly good feeling on the concept there and the next step is to get some supplies in and make up some sample pieces.

Parallel path to that I need to get the actual camper designed. Pretty much will need to know about all major attachment points before construction begins. This will also be going on a flatbed. Current thought is for a 7.5' long, 83" wide camper on a short box truck (should only be ~6-7" longer than my hawk as I'll be able to get it closer to the truck cab without a front rack on the flatbed). The profile height will be driven by the final decisions on the cab over, I can make a nice thin over cab profile like FWC/ATC or I can add in a few inches to it to get a 3" storage compartment under the cab over mattress. Trade off of storage verse a sleeker profile.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, the first step here is figuring out a good floor plan. Goal is to accommodate 2 adults, 2 kids. Ideally have room for 2 people to be moving around at a time and seating for the others during that time. The pictures below is what I've thrown together so far:

*40" wide dinette (78" long in bed mode)
*the counter top is around 3' long right now (little less than desired but might consider cutting board style pullouts on the dinette side and under the sink for extra space.
*The red block would be a 12V compressor freezer/fridge which would provide extra counter space when closed
*The gray block along the front of the camper taking foot room away from the counter area may go away, its a place holder depending on water tank selection.
*Dinette is setup in two parts so it can form a single bed/couch and half size table as well.

So those are my initial thoughts, hit me with any feedback or suggestions for consideration at this point. Its good to get outside opinions.
rigor mortis? or are they zombies.
Haha. It was the first 3D model of a person I came across for autocad on the net, its beyond my skills to manipulate them to look less like manikins.

They convey the scale/fit/function of the layout though so other than looking funny I think they get the job done.
The door on the side has a lot of advantages in my opinion when it comes to a good interior design.

Something to consider: You should raise the floor under the dinette about 6 inches so you can fit a shower pan.
Something to consider: You should raise the floor under the dinette about 6 inches so you can fit a shower pan.
My current thought on showering indoors if I was inclined to do so would be to use a rubbermaid tub as a shower pan in the main open area (which is where the exhaust fans would be as well). This would mean I don't have to build in something for an option I likely wouldn't use much (short trips I just baby wipe shower), it keeps the showering away from cushions as much as possible, and allows someone to shower with out disturbing the bed areas.
Pondering water tank sizing in relation to the internal layout (they'll be low and in the front so it affects the block along the front of the camper). Currently thinking about 15gal (maybe 10) fresh water tank. This would provide plenty of water for weekender trips and there is no need to build in tons of excess holding capacity that is rarely going to be used. To supplement longer trips I'd have areas configured to stow some of those cubical water jugs and when the extra water isn't needed the space can be utilized for other storage.

Thinking about just using typical 20lb propane tanks because they are common/cheap and propane places are used to them. Additional one of those tanks happens to be about the same size as one of the above water jugs so if I build a 2 tank propane compartment I'll have the option to either carry 2 tanks of propane or 1 tank of propane and 1 jug of water. That would actually work out nice because during the cold weather trips when you might want more propane for heating you'll likely be using less water than on the hot weather trips where more water and less propane is desired.

Thinking about having a gray water tank as well with a bypass right to an external drain for areas where going right to ground is okay. Not sure if I want to put in a fixed tank, maybe 10gal or so, or try and do a removable tank of some sort. A fixed tank would make the best use of space but then would require some other bucket or such be carried if I ever needed to ferry the gray water somewhere to drain it.
Personal project

It came to my attention there might be some confusion on where I'm coming from on this thread. This is 100% a personal project, this is not a commercial product development. :victory:
Your door looks to be too far back, the axle would be right about where the door frame is which would make the wheel opening halfway in the door.

Why the side door rather than rear door if I might ask?