Polaris is about to screw the good folks at 4WD hardware


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Yes they are popular and so is Trump and the Trump economy. Business takeovers and buyouts happen in a growing economy. Get used to it. It's the evolution of business. TAXATION REDUCTION! Put the money back into companies and consumers and they will use it and buy with it!
Correction they will take more loans, not buy or own .


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Correction they will take more loans, not buy or own .

with the prime rate where it is, money is almost free. there wont be dime coming from a billionaires pocket into a businsess. why? you get to secure your wealth and spread risk for 1 point? they would have to be a nitwit.

its amazing how morons think money flows and the economy works. if concentrated wealth at the top meant jobs, Russia wouldnt be THE ****hole.


I participate in a few forums with different subjects. Overloading, RVing, firearms. It always amazes me to read peoples views on business, big or small. I guess there is a reason less than 5% of the population owns there own business. I just shake my head at some of the comments in this one. I think we can all agree that the President got the economy moving the day he was elected. Just take a casual look at the market for the last 13 months. Nuff said. Love him or hate him the economy is kicking. There are more construction projects etc going on everywhere. This is how a booming economy looks. Businesses are bought and sold, and generally it's a great thing for everyone. I think this one will be also. my .02 cents


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Your confusing the economy with the stock market. The economy started moving about eight years ago.
LOL shhhh!!! CNN was still sayn the economy was down in 2016 so it must be Frumps fault its up now!!!

In all reality anyone paying attention would know by late 09 it was turning around. By 2012 the numbers had seen some of the fastest recovery / gains ever seen which has continued through today though much of the perceived gains since Trump took office were already baked into the market given it was very much expected the majority vote held Republican plan was decreasing taxes on Corporations and increasing GOV debt. Its the biggest money transfer from the masses to the wealthy in recent history! In a few yrs everyone will be crying about our debt everyone has to pay back we’ll except for the crazy wealthy who wont care at that point. But hey Walmart cut $1000 bonuses!!! Yippee!!!

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Joking no. It's a pretty well known fact that the economy and the stock market are two different things. Google up the documented lies of Trump maybe it will help you understand.

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In case no one hear has heard or may have pull at Polaris. They bought out Tans American auto parts last year. They now own: 4wd Hardware, 4 wheel Parts, Rubicon Express, Smitty Built, and Pro Comp.

The folks at 4wd in Ohio just got notice they are closing them down in a coupe months? If this happens I am done with anything and every thing Polaris.

4WD is a JEEP icon and a lot of good people stand to be put out of a job for nothing.


All of this BS is last minute notice, so I do not know if calling into Polaris can help or not.

Sorry, Can't get worked up about this buy out. That company has been pretty badly run in my experience for quite some time.


The faces in the 4wdh store are good people. The company of tap as a whole sucks. And its worst nownthat polaris has it.

Havent bought from them in years but i have a lot of friends here in ohio employed by them.

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