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I'll be ordering full poly bushings for my project in the near future and wanted to get the advice and input of others who have installed and run them.

Are all poly bushings the same? I presume the material used by different brands is all the same, aside from differing colors and molds/shapes/etc... Any reason to favor one brand over another?

Siberian's site is pretty handy for searching by your vehicle's VIN #, but their UCA and LCA bushings have the outer steel shell, which I've read are a bear to press/punch out. The PolyTuff UCA and LCA bushings offered by Luso seem to re-use the already pressed in steel shells and some are split, seemingly making install much easier. Is there any trade off in long term reliability/durability in exchange for the easier installation?


I've also noticed Luso offers the PolyTuff idler bushings, are they the best option when rebuilding the idler? I've an ADD chromoly kingpin ready to go, but Toasty recently mentioned on IG that the poly bushings tend to last longer than the bronze bushings in the kit.

Has anyone ever bothered using the poly shields on ball joints or idler/pitman arms? I see they're offered by Lee Knowles(123hotchef), who seems to be pretty knowledgeable/well regarded on the UK L200/Triton/Pajero forums.


I've asked before about the poly CV boot kits from Milner in the UK, nobody had any experience at the time and with OEM boots getting expensive, and potentially stiff with age, I'm strongly tempted to give them a shot. The 'Team Overland' guys seem to have had pretty good luck with them on their Youtube channel.

Mentioned @ 13:30:

Has anyone found a source for poly diff/transmission/transfer case mounts?

Realize I'm asking a bunch of seemingly overly detailed questions, and I'm sure nearly any poly bushing would be a sizable improvement upon the long worn out OEM rubber bits. However, I'm hoping to learn from the mistakes or lessons of others. All the bushings cost about the same, but many are a hassle to replace, so I'd love to save myself the hassle of repeating dirty/difficult/tedious jobs to replace such cheap parts and just do them once and properly.

As always, thanks!


Are all poly bushings the same?
I make suspension pin kits with polyurethane bushes for OKAs in Australia.
The bushes are cast in moulds at 100C in an autoclave. The material can be any hardness that the maker wishes to use. I chose a material that was somewhat harder that the samples I purchased for comparison.
During trials I found that the side thrust on OKAs was too much for the bushes with integral flanges, so stayed with hardened steel washers for that function.
The pins I make are greaseable, but I have run them in all conditions for 70,000km without post assembly lubrication and found that they were almost as new.
ps.... this is not a sales pitch - I don't think there are any OKAs in the USA and not too many (any others?) on this forum.
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Thanks Peter, it would be helpful if manufactures published the 'hardness' rating of their bushings.

What type of grease have you had your best luck with? I presume it cuts down on the noise poly bushings have a reputation for?

I'm in the US and had to google what an OKA was, they're pretty cool looking trucks!


I publish the hardness of mine - they are 93 Shore A, but many manufacturers may consider that part of their "competitive advantage" and keep it secret although it is measurable, of course.
Harder wears better, softer allows more movement. Where the balance is will depend on the specific application, so there is no overall correct answer.
I have never heard a sound from mine. They get the standard chassis grease that everything else gets (if they get anything).
OKAs make great expedition trucks. Designed and built as a 4WD from the ground up. I built ours 16 years ago.
OKA196 motorhome


Hi Give these guys ago . Australian made

And you can get in in the USA.

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