Polychrome Peak & Mount Tyndall 9/22-9/25


I've done a lot of paring down weights on my gear over the last year or so. Here's a screencap of my gear spreadsheet:


I want to replace my current bear can with a Bearikade Scout, but it's hard to justify 4x the cost ($65 for the BV450 vs $255 for the Scout) for a 5 oz savings in weight when it only holds 60 cubic inches more volume. I plan on upgrading my bag to a Feathered Friends Raven UL which will net me 7 oz gain in weight, but will take me down to 10 degrees pretty comfortably. I'll be able to leave behind the extra base layers I had to take for shoulder season as well with the new bag. That will net me a 12 oz drop in my base weight. I recently scored on a set of OR Helium II Rain Jacket/Pants which gives me full coverage vs the older TNF Hyvent Jacket I was using for rain before which just covered my upper body. That combo also shaves 4 oz off my total weight. Small changes add up :)