Pop top or hard side dilemma

Mr Rehab

thanks for your thoughts every one, i have decided on a full hard sided box with a internal head height of 1900mm and external height of 3000 including solar panels. No going back now as panels are ordered.
Good choice. Add reliability/simplicity to the positives. We have ongoing issues with our roof lift; I'd love to upgrade the actuators but not so simple or cheap once you're overseas, not to mention expensive. Hard sides for us next time.


I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle. I can live with it without the top being raised as long as I don't smack one of the lights with my head. Taking a shower is fun and if I raise the top it's around 23" higher. I usually sleep on the couch.


I hadn't built anything more complicated than a cardboard moving box when I started our build... I was worried about the complexity of Gait's drop top / SkiFreaks hard side pop top so I went with a hard sided design.
If I was building again I'd probably do some sort of crazy hard sided pop top with swing out verandas and a spa with a swim up bar. Start with what your comfortable building... if your wants/needs change theres always version 2... or 3 :)