pop-up build on 2013 tacoma

I am well into a building a pop-up that started with GlenL plans for the hard-sided Importer. It has changed to a pop-up. The plans followed the glenL design until I got to the cabover cantilever. After that, it's a different story. The box is nearly finished and then I need to build the roof and a lifting mechanism. I have ideas for both of those but I'm wondering the best way to attach the canvas. I'm open to suggestions.

I've tried to post photos, but so far, no luck. I go to Attachments, click on manage attachments, follow the commands, click on update and then, nothing.
This is a low-budget build. It will have no plumbing and no electrical system. I may make changes later, but it's so small, I'm not seeing the need. We like to cook outside, but on the occasion that the weather is bad, we can go inside. I've done a lot of fiberglassing on surfboards and boats, but since this is a no money build, I'm using the poor man's fiberglass: glue and fabric. My wife wants a toilet and I want a place to sit inside. We have a cassette toilet already and I've made a table with some old siding. A cabinet for clothes and one for pots and pans are the built-in pieces. There is a stack of three plastic drawers for dry food and a cubelike ice chest for cold stuff. Pictures may be coming later.