portable propane BBQ?


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what portable propane BBQ's do you use. I have been looking at several. It has to:
be compact and easy to store
Have good flame control
be made of good quality.

This would be when we camp, or can even used after a ski day. Thanks
I've been looking at the Camp Chef Portable BBQ propane, but not many reviews.
I have no problem grilling over a fire but sometimes there are fire restrictions and a propane grill is easy!!
Thanks in advance


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We have a Camp Chef Oven/Stove, Weber Q and Black Stone 17, all three are great brands but if I had to pick one I prefer the BlackStone


picked up a Blackstone 22" griddle set from Walmart this summer and we love it. cook just about everything on it, Japanese steakhouse to waffle House and everything in between. Walmart has the 22 with hood and stand for a great price.

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I vote for Webber q1000 aka baby Q. My partner and I used one for our travels in Australia and it was amazing! Good quality bbq, so good , we bought one when we returned to Canada. Lots of stuff you can cook on them, even really nice pizza! Highly recommended


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Coleman Fold and go. I've been using this grill for over ten years. It is very compact and get very hot for grilling. You can also get a griddle and stove top for this grill



I have a cast iron griddle that goes on the camp stove, reversible so one side is flat for frying, other side ridged for grilling. This way it utilizes the camp stove instead of bringing a separate bbq.


I bought an Olympian and hang it off the side of the trailer with their RV mount. It does the job although ever since we bought a Skottle we don't use it as much.