Portable propane fire pit

We are in Colorado and they have fire bans all the time but seem to allow contained propane fires. I borrowed a friend’s portable propane fire pit recently and it wasn’t too bad. Not the same as burning logs, but much better than no fire at all. Can you roast marshmallows and hot dogs over these things or will that clog the burners? My question is more about bears and cleanup: having gooey marshmallows build up could be a critter attraction. Or in your experience does the fire burn it off?

We use a Camp Chef Propane Fire pit for roasting marshmallows and cooking hotdogs quite often (including at home) and any drips of marshmallows tend to burn off on the lava rock.
I have a Camp Chef as well, but I don't cook on it. I agree that it is not as good as a wood fire, but it's better than no fire. Based on comments on this forum, I also recently purchased a Volcano 3. I understand that while it can be used as a propane firepit, it is better used as a grill and dutch oven cooker. Can't wait to get that little toy!
Hung out with some people who had a propane fire pit last year and it was really nice to sit around a fire without ending up smelling like smoke and also being able to simply turn the fire on, enjoy it, turn it off and go to sleep. No worrying about banking your fire or drowning it.

I picked up a used patio fire pit, stripped all the pieces out and am rebuilding it as a portable one. Will post some pics when done.
I use them propane fire rings for festivals, my camp cooks over them all the time. they can be difficult to dial in temp wise. They are a good substitute for wood fires in a pinch, I miss the smoke smell.
Got to make a lid and add a longer propane hose, but here it is:

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Last year during the fires bans in Alberta and BC I had considered making a portable propane fire pit. I would have bought one but everywhere was sold out.
Only problem with making your own, I came to learn, is that because it's not UL listed/rated you can use it during a fire ban.
But for use when there is no fire ban that's perfect!