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Snow on the Roof
HI Newbie and welcome aboard!

RTTs can be cold in the winter months, but they are much better than sleeping on the ground. In my Columbus tent I stuck two old black high density backpacking sleeping mattresses under the RTT's mattress. The really helped to keep heat from dissipating. I also used an additional 1" thick memory foam pad on top of the mattress. Slept like a baby! AutoHome, the importers of the Columbus model, also sell an external "skin" that wraps around the outside of their tents for more heat retention during winter months.

I think the reason many folks go with smaller trucks is maneuverability and less potential for dragging something on a rock or outcrop. Having said that, I'm really loving my 5th generation 4Runner. It is the biggest vehicle I've ever owned external size wise. But, because of its width, I've pinstriped the sides more than most of my previous rigs. I guess the two big questions are 1) where will I be driving this thing; and 2) what will I be hauling?



This is my '15 JKUR and my So-Cal XS Teardrop. Great spot to camp off of Schnebly Hill Rd near Sedona, AZ

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