Post Pic's of your Jeep


ive been registered at jeep-cj since may, but primarily lurk looking for useful info on how to repair or improve problems i've experienced.


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Getting ready for a short over the mountains to Eastern Washington Yakima Valley Road trip this weekend... Put my Road tires on... got the Bikes loaded... Hook up the Trailer tomorrow!!



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First post over here! My 1989 Grand Wagoneer. It's got a .020 overbore, reground crank, new pistons (obviously) and new Yokohama AT/S tires.



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I've owned it just over a year and have been replacing parts as I can afford. It was purchased new by the State Hwy Dept of Illinois for use in our Capitol hence the different interior, it has some aspects of the police package and not others. It's kind of a rare bird. I initially though because of the good overall condition that it led a pampered and well maintained life as the daily driver of a high muckity muck in the dept. I'm finding that was a naive notion. It has 160k hard earned lotsa idling miles. It's grown on me though and I'll get it all lined out and slowly restore it to its former glory. :).

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What size are those wheels and tires? I think we have the same wheels but mine are 15's and yours look bigger.

The wheels are 16" and the tires are 315/75-16 Duratracs..steelies from Summit.

It's a rare thing to see another Jeep with these wheels - nice choice!