Post Pic's of your Jeep

I could think of something?!? Like the MJ also!!
That's close! I have a set of Duratracs on MOAB wheels for it, a pair of JCR bumpers and a Warn winch for starters. I'm not crazy about the white flairs so I might put on a set of black "LineXed" ones. The rear seat will be coming out as it won't be needed. Lots to do ... should be fun.
took delivery of the upgraded WJ.

2018 WK2 Trailhawk.

18 years and 195,000 miles difference. The WK2 has one of the best interiors I sat in (other than legit luxury brands)

I looked at Toyotas and the Chevy Colorado, being a Jeep owner for so many years I had to stay loyal. I will see how the air suspension lasts/performs over the years.

Looking forward to my first road trip
Just a quick shot after adding a 2" Sport lift, Rancho 9000XL shocks and OME steering stabilizer
Really I wouldn't call it a lift but a nice 4 coil leveling kit, which is what I was after.


did some january 1 off-roading yesterday... didn't get many action shots, but we found a pretty awesome off-road park with a lot of activity... lots of pretty crazy rigs out. gorgeous january desert weather

and day after mall crawler shoot before i hose her off

First 4x4, first Jeep. Bought it cheap with 160k abusive miles in stock condition. So far I've rebuilt the front end completely and added 2" OME springs and Bilstein 5100s. It will see a lot of road duty, so I've got a fresh set of Cooper Discoverer AT3s ordered in 255/70/16. 5.2L V8 with the (still working!) QuadraTrac (NP249) full time/4lo system. This shot is the post-spring-install test drive on the forest roads of Oaky Woods WMA about 10 miles from my house in central Georgia.

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Nice looking rig. Those sliders are pretty impressive. I like the idea of having sliders but with the way I'm going to be using mine I can't really justify them. That Spadano kit looks like about the best version I've seen though. Did you do the install yourself?

And what are you using for mud flaps?