Post Pic's of your Jeep


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Eventually I’ll start a build thread....but for now I thought I’d share a pic of the one time this year she’s visited me in the shop AND helped me unwrap new ARB bumpers!

Let it rain, let it rain. I’ve got things to do indoors!

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Please post pics up after installed! Also, is the ARB logo easily removed?


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Nope, doesn’t look like it’s easy to remove. It’s a thick label inset in the bumper. I wouldn’t want to remove it anyway.

It took a lot longer to mount the front up than I expected but it’s done and perfect. I’m blown away by the quality.

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They do make a quality product. And the powder coat is usually well done too. When I scored a used TJ bumper and set to modifying it to fit my CJ, the powder coat was a lot more fight than I’d have thought.

El Gordo

EL Gordo
New to the forum here. Thanks for having me.

Here's some pics of my 2016 JKUR. My overlanding build includes a James Baroud Evasion RTT and an Overland Kitchen setup in the cargo area, AEV Snorkel/Pre-Filter, AEV 2.5" DualSport XT lift and 35" Toyo Open Country R/T's. Lots of other things have been added as we realize we are missing them on our adventures.View attachment 487194View attachment 487195View attachment 487196
that is a hell of a rig. usually don't see that kind of a set up on anything less than a full size.