Post Pic's of your Jeep


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My first was an '81 CJ-7. It's hard to get over Jeeps. Lol
Some days it's a different feeling. I took the Scrambler to the Airforce academy on an errand for my wife. About a mile in I ran out of gas. Gage doesn't work. As if riding with the halfcab with no window, no bulkhead, and not much of a heater wasn't bad enough. I get out just as the snow is coming down good and the wind is blowing with a vengeance. Grabbed the gas can (which was uselessly empty) and started to hike. I was sadly amazed at how many cars drove right by me.
Then, not surprisingly, a fellow jeeper stopped and offered me a lift. I hopped in his Hemi-converted JK and was both thankful and a bit envious. Smooth, reliable power, comfortable car like ride, heat... It's a very different animal. When he dropped me back off at the scrambler and I'm draining the gas can... I honestly was a bit jealous watching him drive away.


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Have you looked Rocky Road's MK winch mount or rock sliders? I think the practicality of these small compacts is still heavily underrated.
Yeah, they're both on my planned upgrades list, along with skid plates. Before that I need to track down whatever's squeaking in the rear, and I'm looking at options to raise the rear up a bit since it's almost stock height with the tire carrier and a bunch of gear back there.
Just like my Renegade (and with all platforms) weight capacity is key. These vehicles remain athletic and efficient when they are not loaded down. So balancing out what you need versus where to upgrade is up to you. There should be some OE upgrades available in terms of struts and springs.


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This is my second Jeep. I regretted selling my first one since the day I got rid of it. It’s a 2008 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. My build started as a crawler and has since morphed into an expeditionary vehicle. I bought it from a older couple bone stock 4 years ago. I’m excited to document my build of the Jeep and trailer. 8CDCD3E5-B061-43FE-8A27-3DE09009A1BD.jpeg37D54BA8-7EC9-452B-9689-9B411745BFBB.jpeg