Post pictures of your Land Rover.

Elliot Press

This is is me with this old beast I stumbled across on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia while riding around on old motorbikes looking for waves.

Elliot Press

Yeah I just got back home from there. Heading back in November for about 2 months on a coral rebuilding mission.
Was planning to buy/rent the beast to drive around the island...then after inspecting thanks. Chassis is rotten to all buggery and so is the firewall.

I think this Landy's primary existence was pulling boats out of the water.


My 03 Discovery

DSC03905.JPGDSC04302.JPGDSC01454.JPGDSC01373.JPGDisco in the rocks.JPGRover and M101A2.JPG
My 03 Discovery S in the mountains around Globe, Az, and the White Mountains in East Az.
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