Post pictures of your Land Rover.


My first step into Rover land, I had grown up around a series 88 that a family friend had and alway thought it was neat vehicle and just recently had a chance to buy one. We towed it home yesterday with my other obsession (Isuzu Troopers). This is a 1970 Series 88 bought new in 1969 in Pa. by the original owner and has 55,000 miles on it. Mechanically sound but has not been run for about 2 years, interior is a little rough but useable,body is in very good condition one small dent on left front fender and faded paint. Needs a good cleaning and a complete service and then get running then just have some fun driving it.Dave

I had an 85 trooper for my first 4x4. A year later I bought a discovery and haven't looked back.


Would love to. Girlfriend is a bit worried about being kidnapped. :)

Next year at the earliest as I'm still preparing the Disco.
jh, that was one of my wife's initial concerns; so I got a kitchen pass to go solo w/my LR club buddies this time. Got back safely; crossed the border, didn't stay in large cities e.g. Mexicali and went straight to our destination. Sky didn't fall and she was jealous w/all the great stories and photos from my trip. Now she wants to go on the next trip.

If it helps your family back at home during the trip, use a SPOT messenger. My wife got all my "ok" messages from SPOT while in Baja; letting her know I am ok and not kidnapped or in jail. Seems to get good Satellite coverage.

Good luck w/the preparation and your trip next year. You will have a blast. Just a few tips: learn conversational Spanish; not saying you have to be fluent, and I am no expert either (I just picked up a learning conversation Spanish book from my local library before the trip); saying "Hola" or "Como esta Usted" and a smile goes along way even w/the Federales @ check points.



Nothing at all to add, just that when I was a little shaver...late 60's...San Felipe to Puertecitos was as much adventure as Dad wanted...pavement ended in San Felipe or Ensenada...I don't recall which???

We were down there several times...camped on the beach, played with the VW, and snuck up the beach north a bit to spy on the frolicking nude hippies!!

Darned shocking with your only ten or so :sombrero:

There was a little cantina / shack that had the best food...turtle soup was great...probably can't serve that any more...
I'd say you're a lucky lil kid w/your dad taking you on such trip(s) to Baja @ a young age with or w/o the nude hippies (smile).

Suppose progress is slow if in the late 60s road was paved up to San Felipe only, and (on this trip) it took 50+ years to pave the road passed San Felipe to Puertecitos and close to Gonzaga Bay (less than 150 miles). Attached is a picture of my Disco II on the unpaved road to Gonzaga Bay while passing the new highway in progress.

With that said, I am good w/3 miles a year slow progress. Like it simpler, remote, happy & less crowded (double smile).


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Few photos of my pile. 1996 P38. 02' model interior for the most part. 4.6HO that I built. RTE Disco bumper that I modified to fit. Jarvics heart delete, F250 expansion tank, Soon to be 1 ton chevy radiator, dual battery setup, 4 wheel ETC fitted from a 01 model, 255/85 Km2s, 5"ish lift thats about to be stripped and rebuilt with coilovers.
nice pics... the first one looks like she's gonna fall of the wall :)

Colin Hughes

I had an 85 trooper for my first 4x4. A year later I bought a discovery and haven't looked back.
My first was an 87 Trooper, 4 banger, 5 speed, nice little beast, got me everywhere I needed to go camping, after two Explorers I purchased my 95 Disco in early 99 and it's been Rovers ever since too!!!!!!!!


Expedition Truck
Here is my 1991 Range Rover county. It has been sitting for 6 years be for i got it and i have owned it for over a year now. OME MD coils and shocks LT225/75R16 for now. got get fundings to build it the way i want it.
the list on stuff that i'll be getting for it
HD suspension
HD steering arms
winch mount from bumper
custom rear bumper
rock sliders
roof rack
31 gal gas tank
a paint job
235/85R16 A/Ts
arb on board air
pics on when i got it

and pictures of it sits now


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