Post pictures of your Land Rover.


Yup, fully working D4 heated and flappy paddle steering wheel.

I did need the BBS control boards to make the paddles work, a heated clock spring and power supply for the heated wheel and the control boards for it.
Plus the software enabled to let it all run correctly.

It's lovely.

On happy news, Disco is ready to come home, all repaired and happy.


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It got a trip on the “wagon of shame”

tdv6 alternators are held in with 3 bolts. It fell out with one so worked it loose and spat it out, and the 2 remaining eventually sheared. Throwing the alternator out of position and launching the auxiliary belt off.

That was last Wednesday so hoping it will be home soon. I do miss the big stupid lump, Autumn has arrived and I want my heated seats, steering wheel and windscreen back.
Natural habitat!


Heated D4 wheel.
The BBS control boards for it all.
The heated clock spring.
The power wire to run the heated wheel.
Great upgrade for the car.


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After months of hospitalisation, I took the oldest child to a club outing: a fun obstacle course on a farm in Wellington.

Blew a tyre on a well-hidden fence anchor :(

20191103 CLRC Caledons Gift Farm Outing 43 (Custom).jpg

20191103 CLRC Caledons Gift Farm Outing 44 (Custom).jpg


Thank you sir for doing your part to keep the forests clean,
I always have trash bags to collect the junk idiots leave.


Latest shots of my 1967 Series IIA restoration project. Waiting on some parts from Trevor to install the driveshafts and exhaust system. The radiator and fuel tank are at the local radiator shop for cleaning and coatings.
Its about time to start working on the body parts.