Post up your drawer/storage system


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well the weight of a plywood baseplate is of little concern in the Suburban. It's already a lumbering brontosaurus. An extra ~25-lbs amongst ~6,600 (shrug), not even one half of 1% increase. One of the other blessings / curses of Suburbans.
Here is a system I finished for a LR3/LR4
The third row seats were removed to allow for more storage below. Openings were cut for the ARB vent flow and access to the solar controller and fuses. Rear access door to easily get to the under floor storage and still leaves room for longer items behind the second row of seats. E9FB7F57-9EF4-4202-9355-A1E3D5F5134A.jpeg 885FBBED-8C36-406A-9225-89665140CA6B.jpeg 9C34CA76-C584-4F53-9CA6-AC1FBA4CFCD4.jpeg 9FF5A35E-2F3F-4A5E-8169-DD5C7FFDEE7C.jpeg
Very nice @wonti!
What material are you using for your base plate?
Does your last picture show the rear seat latch strikers? It looks like an ingenious way to adapt something factory to accept a threaded fastener without drilling thru the floor. Details?
X2. don't know anything about jeeps (except the one I priced - started @23 and was almost 40 without being the 4 door version I was asking the sales manager about!) so I have limited perspective on size & floor configuration. the bottom piece almost has a micarta finish. top? semi-gloss enamel?
Got my drawers system about 60% completed... really just the 20 gallon water tank/faucet and the platform created. I will add one big drawer and a smaller one under the fridge to create a larger work surface when camping. I plan on wrapping it in carpet when I am done building and tweaking it.

The proof of concept phase is over, 5 nights camping and 300 miles of dirt for the shake down... time to knock out the rest of it and finish it up.

Drawers resized.jpg


I built a small extension for creating a sleeping platform of the middle seats when folded.
I just finished up a rear cargo drawer system for my Xterra. Lots of great inspiration from so many awesome builds on this site and others. But, the main area I drew inspiration was from:

Here's the basics on my setup:
-- 1/2" birch
-- Cut the bottom of each drawer so I could still access the underneath rear cargo tray by folding the back seats forward
-- 400 lb full extension drawer slides
-- 333 lb D-rings bolted with 5/16" pronged tee-nuts and bolts on the top (so I can still strap things down, when needed)
-- Side "wings" are removable, so I can use the space under them, too
-- 12" interior hieght
-- Driver-side drawer is 2-feet deep
-- Passenger-side drawer has a "drawer within a drawer" and a spring loaded prep table. There's room under the prep table to store silverware, spices, spatula, tongs, etc. (or anything else that's no taller than 4")


Looks great and thanks for the shout out!