Post up your drawer/storage system


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I’m wanting to build a set of drawers for my Tacoma and was wondering if anyone has used something like a ball
transfer bearing for the drawers to ride/ slide on? Like these mounted in the baseplate.


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I’m wanting to build a set of drawers for my Tacoma and was wondering if anyone has used something like a ball
transfer bearing . . .
with the corrugated bed, how would these bear? in any event, they might last longer (rust, grit) if mounted on the drawer - ball facing down.

i'm thinking of filling two of the grooves in the bed liner with polypropylene strips to a height just above the ridges, and let the drawer bottom slide on it. ventilation and all, you know.
I think long term you would be happier with the wood sliding on UHMW strips. Just remember that UHMW against UHMW will not work. It works best when rubbing against wood or metal.

I believe eventually the roller balls with gather road grit and muck.
I just had them sheer my stainless sheet. Those rollers have seen some use on the table the sheer uses. They left scratches and the guy told me that eventually with moisture, the springs underneath rust and it causes the rollers to seize up. My stainless sheet definitely has marks/ scratches from the rollers. Once I'm done with the bends and welds, I'll polish up all the gouges.
You will need some good 3M Scotch Brite pads to polish out the scratches. Industrial supply houses will have the grades that you will need. Remember stainless sheet does have a grain pattern just like wood and you will want to work with the grain not against it. Scotch Brite was actually invented to polish stainless. It came about during the construction of the St Louis arch.


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better trick wtih the transfer bearings is putting them on the bottom of the drawer, so they face down. They'll gather a lot less debris and moisture that way, and most of it comes back out. They'll last a lot longer that way.

/Me, I'm just using pressboard skid strips and it's working out great for my drawers. 2yrs+ at this point. There's enough friction that the drawers stay put wherever I stop moving them, even with the vehicle canted.


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I finished up my drawer system. Initial build out was done by a cool dude up in Santa Barbara and I made some changes.

Anyone know what to line the interior drawers with? Or how to tie down the whole drawer system. For tie downs I plan to use generic tie down rings unless any has any better ideas



A work in progress - Addresses the recent post asking who likes 'boxes' and who likes 'drawers'. And introduces something not often discussed - storing a spare tire inside.
So.....I like boxes (Wolf Boxes, with high lids) versus drawers or slides.
I also like less weight on the tailgate, not so much because of worry about the strength of the support, more from the standpoint of keeping heavy things between the axles and low. Also I've seen a few times when things hanging out on the back touch the ground when climbing or going thru a steep valley.

Having laid all that out there, this is what I'm putting together before the next adventure (Moab in April). I position the spare inside, upright and behind the driver seat, fastened down with 2 straps hooked into a short length of track (yellow in the pics) in front of and behind the tire.

This spare will also be held against a vertical surface that is along its outboard side. This vertical surface (bent 1/4" plastic) is fastened to the side of the jeep at the soft top rail, and its lower edge rides on the floor. This bent shape forms a shelf, under which I will fasten an air hose that recoils (blue in pic), and on top of the shelf will be fastened my OBA compressor. Both are then positioned for easy access.

To the rear of this shelf is a similar but smaller bent plastic shape that forms a shelf for my freezer (small 12v unit). It too is now easily accessible (altho I have to stand on tippy toe to see into the bottom.) The 'frig' (another small 12v unit) sits on the floor behind the spare.

On the starboard side of the jeep I will be fixing my 2- 1" fiberglass grates that can be used for 'stuck times', if that ever happens. In the meantime, they are stowed in a manner that form a shelf on that side. I will stow lighter items along there, such as a soft side cooler (blue in pic), the tent footprint, maybe some other things I have yet to figure out where to put.

Thru the middle of the jeep, I have 3 Wolf Boxes, w/ high lids. Some items may go on top of these but for the most part I like this arrangement because if I tilt the passenger seat forward (Jeep LJ) and place a sleeping mat on top of the Wolf's, I have a nice place to catch a few winks, say for when I have a long drive and need to take a rest
Not shown, but planned, will be a single red Nato can tucked nicely against the outside of the tailgate, along with an Ammo can holding some recovery gear. 502535502536502537502538502539502540
I'll say this in regards to storage. We are 5- that's every seat. Anything we bring or store has to be well thought out. Lots of the solutions we come across, the seating is compromised. Do most of you folks travel solo?