Post up your drawer/storage system


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Looks like you have a 150Ah 24v setup with the LiFePO4 cells, or did you run series-parallel for 300Ah at 12v?

How do you like those cells? And do you use a bms?


Here's my 85% solution; the sleeping platform is done with fridge installation where the center seat was. Driver's side second row seat is folded down and I have a storage door installed in that area. Passenger side is getting the fresh water tank, gray water tank for hot water heater/showers and 2nd battery with solar on the Power Distribution Panel (PDP). PDP will have the accessory fuse box, solar controller/charger, etc.. for all of those goodies.

The under platform in the back is currently getting a single slider that will house my removable organizer boxes (FR Wolf/Cub Packs) and quick access bags behind the tailgate for the various configurations of trips; the bags are the tan squares and will be velcro'd on the back panel for quick installation/removal.

Work in progress but getting there. Please disregard the dimensions of my chicken-scratch drawings. lol

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Looks great! What material did you use? Thanks.