Post up your drawer/storage system


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Try searching your area for "aircraft plywood", which is spruce or birch, with more plies and fewer gaps with very specific grain orientation resulting in much greater strength per a given thickness. This is what I used, and I can kneel all my 300 lbs on one knee in the middle of an unsupported span without any sag or give on just a 1/2" thick board. With the aircraft grade glues they use, it's not prone to deteriorate with water
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Here is the one I just finished. I still need to install a tap/water spout and hook up the aux battery. The ARB fridge will be mounted in place of one of the second row seats. When I need to use all the seats I can mount the fridge ontop of the 85L water tank on the Pass side. The driver side platform lifts up, and that is where I store the spare oil.



Here is my work in progress. Hoping to have it finished up and linex'd by the end of the month. Then on to the front half where I removed the rear seats.

Pics from a test fit the other day.

Realized I never posted pictures of the front half. Still need to spray it with a black liner, but the FJs still going through other mods before I'll toss the storage box in there.

I'll need to modify the front half's base a bit since towers were cut into the body for rear coilovers. They should still sit under the front storage system though without having to make it any taller.


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New ARB roller drawer installed in my Jeep YJ. I am a professional sports photographer and needed some added security while parked at the two pro stadiums (Qwest Field and Safeco Field).

And no, I don't leave the fridge or camera gear in a soft top Jeep while I am shooting the games.

Quick Question. Can you still slide the fridge slide with the drawer locked? I recently had the opportunity to view one and it did not lock everything jus the drawer. Which, with the slide still able to slide out, you can still access everything inside the drawer. Thanks.


FJLED: How do you have the kennel secured?
It is not secured. We have harnesses which go to the tie downs for our Shepherd and Lab. The kennel is for the Vizsla which hates road trips and kennels the only way to make it more managable to take her on road trips back to the Northeast for the Holidays once a year. Thats the only time we really have the Vizsla in the FJ. Not the safest option I know, but its better than having her climbing around the cabin distracting the driver.


Nice, that tank is huge! I feel better now knowing I'm not the only one planning on this sort of on-board water setup in a mid-size SUV...:snorkel:
Thanks yeah its huge, but i am planning a one month trip up to alaska, and it will be used for cooking, cleaning, showers and emergancy drinking water, so if you add it all up 85L isnt that much. i can empty the tank in 10 minutes or so with the pump i have onboard. had to dial it back a bit because it was way too much pressure.

The only problem i had was getting the lid to seal, so i made a little wrench so i can really tighten it down. Also the compartment it is in is completely sealed with water proof wood stain and silicone so if the tank leaks, it will be held in containment and run out the back of the tailgate instead of into my aux battery.

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I'm building my storage at the moment.

I've mounted a cargo barrier (not an XJ one but it fits and was free) and bolted the fridge slide down ready for a club trip this Sunday :) I had to take the handles off the fridge for it to fit properly so I'll make some strap handles on Saturday to attach it to the slide. Just need to make the draw and top now and also another two mounts for the cargo barrier so the top is supported by the upper seat belt mount. I'll also be mounting my compressor and a few other bits more permanently.



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Where did those recessed tie down hooks come from? I've been looking around and can't seem to find a decent black flush mount hook.
They came from Menards (local lumber yard). They were chrome plated, but I media blasted them and painted them with an epoxy resin. They have held up very well so far.

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Not quite finished but almost done, just needs the tiedown track on the top and a lock for the drawer.


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Didn't like most of what I found to be available locally so ended up doing one from scratch.

The unit is one self contained box and can be removed with two people on either side via handles.

With all the drawers closed, you can barely tell they exist. Everything is flush and outside sitting on our living room floor it looks like a large coffee table.

It's shallow enough to keep the rear seats in and not have to remove the box everytime we need to use the rear seats.

From the rear, there is a main 3/4 length drawer that holds all the pots/pans/utensils and some food.

Inside that drawer is a hidden drawer that comes up further with a stove inside for cooking.

On the other side is a cutting board that sits flush with the top and acts as a cover top for the cooking gear underneath.

On top are two cupboards with fold down faces that hold more food, spices, etc...

I found this to be the best arranged for us (me and my woman) as we can just pull up anywhere and within a minute have a whole kitchen ready completely free floating and not have to worry about tables, legs, uneven ground, etc...

On the inside, on the bottom 1/4 is a wide flip down cupboard to store hiking poles and long gears. On the top are full length two large drawers that slide forward and gives up a solid sleeping platform.

The sliders are heavy duty 200lb capacity and can hold Maryna's weight bouncing up and down on them :bananaro:

Will post more pics ...

The mechanics of the kitchen drawer video clip :

The box

The box in the background, the main kitchen drawer and the hidden stove drawer

Test fit

Field test