Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

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Anyone want the UJoint template for shortening the gas tank? I have it in my garage and just want it gone but can't bring myself to throw it away.


I have a free snow performance meth injection if anyone wants it. Came off my 6.0 and lowers temps 10-15 degrees. I left the system on when I was hurt and parked my van facing down on my steep drive. Engine hydro locked. My fault and no issues with the system. After fixing I just left it off as I live in Portland and the van came from NV heat. I think these are over $600. Includes the intake piece needed with all the fittings.


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$500 SOLD

Toyo AT + Wheels off a Ford Econoline / E-Series

265/70/r17 ... 8 x 165.1 aka 8 x 6.5

Tires are 3 x Toyo AT2 (~30k, mfg. dates 2018/19) and 1 x Toyo AT3 (~5k, mfg. 2021, was warranty replacement). Wheels are Moto Metal but no visible branding. Classic spoked design in flat black

Just switching to a highway tire setup. Throw these wheels/tires on and roll them for a couple more years. New tires and wheels cost $3000+. Will trade for a set of stock Ford Alcoa to fit vans (8 x 165 AND not dually)

Located in San Diego. Pickup only. Please email me...

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